How to keep fear at bay! Your free video tutorial.

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Fear. It’s the one thing that gets under our skin, and can steal us away from ourself, if we let it.

You know what fear feels like.

You’ve experienced it!

And it really doesn’t feel that grand.

In life, we are either in a state of love, or a state of fear.

There really is no in between.

You know when you’re in a fear-space, if you criticise yourself or others, if you shy away from what you desire, if you shrink in social settings, if you indulge in negative patterns and behaviours, if you….. I could go on and on and on.

Fear sneaks in from every corner.

Yet when we’re in a space of love, we feel confident in who we are, we treat others as equals, we see the positive in life, and we go for our dreams.

I know which I’d prefer.

Yet, while I’m sure you’re like me and would prefer the latter, it doesn’t always turn out that way.

Life is like a swinging pendulum, taking us from love to fear, then back again, for most people, many times a day.

How much fear you experience is a result of your childhood programming.

But regardless of what icky limiting beliefs, personal barriers or old hurts you may or may not have, there is a way that you can send little Miss Fear on her way.

And that’s what I share in this fun Vlog I made especially for those times when you don’t quite know how to get little Miss Fear to finish her cuppa, and move on…

Ok, so we know how to consciously invite Miss Fear to leave.

And I encourage you to use this tool daily.


Every minute, if you need to!

I know this tool is extremely effective as it has helped me and the thousands of clients I have had the pleasure of working with.

What about those who want to clear out some of the childhood conditioning so little Miss Fear doesn’t pop round so often in the first place?

Cause hey, not having to worry about Miss.F popping round announced is even better right?

Well, I have designed a course specifically for this purpose.

It’s my signature course, called Remarkable Relationships.

It goes for 3-months – you get LOTS of one-on-one support from me – and I teach YOU the skills needed to clear your own childhood conditioning, so you can remove the barriers that have been holding you back from all those things you’ve dreamt of, but haven’t quite been able to manifest.

I teach you many vital life skills, as well as how to clear physical illness from the body!

Does little Miss Fear creep into your life more than you’d like?

Please use this tool that I’ve just shared with you, and let me know how it goes, by leaving a comment below.

Fear is only scary as our imagination would have it be, so enjoy the growth that fear signals, and leave the rest!

Oh… and if you’d like to learn how fear affects the physical body, check out my blog: Boosting immunity amid the Coronavirus.

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6 Comments on “How to keep fear at bay! Your free video tutorial.”

  1. I am extremely interested in the courses and information that you provide and would like a little more insight

  2. I have long subscribed to the gifts of “challenge,” often the source of our greatest gifts. With challenges, fear often arises. Tamara’s sweet & super helpful video brings these two together for me in that both “challenge” and fear both arise at our growth edge. Shifting mindset around “challenge” and fear brings ease and possibility readily into the mix!

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