Are vibrators killing your pleasure?

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If you’ve seen my talks at Sexpo, you’ll know I warn ladies in particular, about the dangers of overusing vibrators.

So I thought is wise to use this week’s blog to explain why!

But before I tell you how vibrators kill your pleasure, let’s looks at how the vibrator came about, shall we?

Would you believe the vibrator was actually a household appliance – the fifth in fact, to be electrified.

In the 1800’s, women were being diagnosed with ‘hysteria’, which showed up in the form of erratic behaviour.

Today we have different names for ‘hysteria’ such as PMS, road-rage, downright bitchiness!

And in order to treat this very serious ailment, women would line up at the doctors for a clitoral massage to help ease them of their woes.

Now as you can imagine – women grew quite fond of this treatment!

Fast-forward to 1899 and one smart chap invented a device that women could take home and service themselves.

Thus, the vibrator was born.

Advertisements started popping up in women’s publications, with such taglines as “Vibrate your body and make it well,” “Take the edge off things,” “Nature’s own cure-all” and “Magic power… will make you feel like a new person.”

These ads made no mention of sex, orgasms, or even ‘hysteria’ – the so-called ‘disease’ for which vibrators were said to cure.

Now there is no arguing that sex toys – such as vibrators – can be fun and bring a lot of spice to the bedroom.

But before you arm yourself with a cache of vibrators please consider what I am about to say, extremely carefully…

Overuse of vibrators can actually desensitise your special bits.

If you consider a tongue, a finger or a penis; they cannot go near as hard or fast as a vibrator!

This is why women who use them a lot, often have trouble orgasming with their partner.

The more stimulation you get to reach orgasm, the more you need.

So over time your sensitivity – the very same sensitivity that will open you up to deep orgasmic pleasure – is lost.

This is why vibrators can be such a pleasure killer!

What you also need to consider is that most vibrators only focus on your clitoris, and sometimes other regions of your genitals like your G-spot.

Yet the whole body can be a pleasure zone, if you take the time to wake it up.

And when you do invest time in increasing your sensitivity as opposed to decreasing your sensitivity (which you do when you use a vibrator) that’s when you’re going to start to experience those full body orgasms; orgasms you feel throughout your entire body as opposed to just being confined to your genitals.

But I’ve already lost sensation, what now?

No sweat!

Get yourself a Jade Egg. 

The Jade Egg is designed to awaken the tissue in your vaginal canal so you start to feel more pleasure inside the vagina.

Even if you don’t use a vibrator much, most women’s vaginal canal’s are quite numb, hence why they don’t experience G-spot and cervical orgasms.

Less really is more when it comes to pleasure.

You want to be so sensitive that someone blowing on your skin is enough to arouse you into ecstasy!

Personally I do NOT use vibrators for this very reason.

I want my entire body to be as sensitive as possible, because that’s where we open ourselves up to experiencing the most pleasure.

All of that said, if you’re not yet willing to trade in your vibrators for a humble Jade Egg, then make sure your toy box does NOT contain anything with phthalates in them.

Phthalates are carcinogens.

You find them in those squishy, jellylike dildos – the really cheap ones.

They’re toxic!

They leech chemicals into one of the most absorptive place in our body.

If you have any toys like that, please throw them out.


Studies have even linked them to cancer.

What you want, are toys that are non porous, and made of materials such as silicon, glass or stainless steel.

Or like I said, get yourself a Jade Egg and enjoy the deliciousness of deep vaginal orgasmic bliss!

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4 Comments on “Are vibrators killing your pleasure?”

  1. I am inspired. Thank you so much for your words. We need them. The whole body, everything is sexy. I have not thought so about toys. It`s interesting.

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