Body Love: The key to loving your body.

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I find it fascinating the extremes people will go too, especially women, to lose weight.

Starving themselves of proper nutrition in order to stick to that lemon diet, just so they can squeeze into that pretty dress on the weekend.

Or exercising their butts off to the point of injury, fatigue and sheer exhaustion.

Yet ask someone to show their body more love, and most people would dismiss the suggestion without a second thought or instantly think you’re from the airy-fairy camp.

Why do we dismiss this simple suggestion?

Because loving our own body can bring up a lot of emotional gunk.

‘How can I love my body when it doesn’t look anything like the size 6 model in the magazines?’ ‘Isn’t it self absorbed to show yourself love?’ ‘Won’t people think I’m conceited if I love my body?’

No, no and a resounding NO.

People are drawn to those who show genuine acceptance and love of their own architecture.

It’s simply our upbringing and societal beliefs that have us thinking otherwise.

So I decided to test run this theory of being able to love away the fat.

It was my derriere (arse) and my stomach that were my two perceived trouble spots.

So I began massaging them every morning for five minutes.

But not just any massage, I massaged them with love.

I was imagining massaging love right on into my buttocks and stomach.

I even gave my backside a mud mask!

What happened?

Within a week, my partner non-the-wiser of my new experiment, commented: ‘Your arse is looking really good’.

My confirmation it was working.

Over the next two months I had other people noticing that I’d lost weight too, again without me sharing any intentions to do so.

Then confirmation three, was the fact that all my clothes were looser and I was fitting into items I’d put away because they simply wouldn’t zip up.

(I don’t weigh myself so I can’t give you an exact calculation – personally I believe numbers on scales are one of the most sabotaging ways of losing weight.)

What had I done different?

Shown my body love.

That’s it.

No change in diet or exercise routine.

It was love alone that had caused this transformation.

You see our thoughts and emotions create a chemical response in the body that either heals the cells or makes them sick.

When we think of ourselves as being too big or not slim enough, it sends a direct message to the body to create this excess fat in our physical body.

When we send love however, it heals the cells and helps them return to their natural state – minus the excess fat.

Emotions can play havoc with our physical health.

Just remember a time when you felt anxious and how that was reflected in your physical body.

Studies also show that depression deteriorates our immune system, hence why people with a mental health issue are more likely to get sick.

That’s why I prescribe body love to those who aren’t happy with their shape and size.

Body love is the key to loving your body.

And until you begin to show yourself love, it doesn’t matter what tedious exercise regime or strict diet you follow, you will always regain the weight.

So love your body and your body will love you in return!

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