Wabi Sabi your life: See perfection in imperfection.

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So what is Wabi Sabi? Pretty much everything that today’s sleek, perfectly mass-produced, technology-saturated culture is not. It’s flea markets and op shops as opposed to shopping malls, it’s rustic mis-match chairs instead of a perfectly symmetrical chair set, and it’s a bunch of wildflowers rather than a dozen long stemmed red roses. Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy, which … Read More

Ditch the bra if you want perkier breasts ladies!

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Let’s be honest, wearing a bra can be a pain in the, err… Bust! Trudging into a fitting room, waiting to be measured, struggling into ten different styles to find the one that fits properly. Bra shopping often feels like more trouble than it’s worth. And according to one French scientist, it actually is! In this 15-year study it was … Read More

Body Love: The key to loving your body.

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I find it fascinating the extremes people will go too, especially women, to lose weight. Starving themselves of proper nutrition in order to stick to that lemon diet, just so they can squeeze into that pretty dress on the weekend. Or exercising their butts off to the point of injury, fatigue and sheer exhaustion. Yet ask someone to show their … Read More

‘Cosmetic Acupuncture’, Body and Soul, 2013

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Cosmetic Acupuncture: Does it really work? Looking ten years younger doesn’t have to involve Botox or plastic surgery. As Wellness coach Tamra Mercieca discovers, the restoration of our youthful appearance could be just a few pin pricks away. Having experienced problem skin for much of my life, I decided to follow in the footsteps of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow and give … Read More

Keeping the mind and body youthful. Naturally!

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What if you could slow down the aging process, even reverse it? Naturally. Would that be of interest to you? Would you be willing to try a new approach and actually get to the root cause of the deterioration associated with ageing? Would you invest in learning how to do it yourself? If so, then read on… Here’s the billion-dollar … Read More

Seeing your own beauty

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When you look in the mirror what do you see? Is it a beautiful soul in a beautiful body, or is it something less? Relationship therapist Tamra Mercieca why sometimes is can be difficult to see our own beauty. When you look in the mirror what do you see? Is it a beautiful soul in a beautiful body, or is it something … Read More