Practice ‘Sexual Kung Fu’ and live a longer, happier life!

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How much energy does sex give you?

Does it leave you feeling energized and revitalized?

Are you experiencing multi, full body and energetic orgasms?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then it’s time to start learning the Taoist art of Sexual Kung Fu!

Like anything in life, in order to get good at something you need to practise and continue to learn and educate yourself.

Unfortunately we get taught that you have a penis and it goes in the hole.

You probably got warned about the dangers of ending up with a baby or crabs, but chances are your teachers didn’t given you any education on the ‘pleasure’ side of things.

Did you know that every woman cannot just experience clitoral orgasms, but g-spot orgasms and expansive full body cervical orgasms too?

Did you know that ejaculation and orgasm are two separate processes and that learning how not to ejaculate can help men live longer, fill them with healing, energising energy (not to mention, deliver them the most immense multi and full body orgasms)?

In the ancient Taoist tradition – we’re talking 5,000 years ago in China – sex was used as medicine.

If a woman had weak kidneys she would be given acupuncture and herbs, but she’d also be advised to go home and have sex a couple of times a day in reverse cowgirl position.


The Taoists knew that this would circulate sexual energy to the effected organs to help them heal.

Sexual energy is more powerful than many people realise.

When you learn how to circulate that energy throughout your entire body, sex can be used as a vehicle for self-healing, self-realisation and of course, phenomenally surreal orgasmic experiences beyond what most people have ever experienced.

How do you get there?

Through learning the art of Sexual Kung Fu, be it Vagina Yoga for the ladies, Penis Pull-ups for the gents, learning how to breath properly – yes, as Mantak Chia says in his book The Multi Orgasmic Man, ‘the breath is the gateway to which we gain control of our body!’

Discovering how to tap into this energy source can be a life changing experience and bring you closer not only to your lover, but to your core self.

If you’d like to know more, I invite you join me at Sexpo Sydney this weekend and listen into to my free talk on Sexual Kung Fu.

I also run an online course called Sexual Self where we teach you how to experience the deeper pleasures of sex, remove sexual blocks and soooooo much more!

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4 Comments on “Practice ‘Sexual Kung Fu’ and live a longer, happier life!”

    1. If you’re looking for straight Tantra, then unfortunately that is not something I offer. But I do teach Tantric inspired practices inside my course Sexual Self (, where I teach people how to access their sexual energy so they can experience full body expansive orgasmic experiences. This course is based on my varied teachings from Zen sex, Taoism, Tantra and Shamanism, as well as my signature teachings in self-love. I hope that helps 🙂

  1. Would sexual kung fu work if you have ED? Possibly brought on by blood pressure medicine. Can it work or do you just forget about sex???

    1. Hi Elizabeth. In answer to your question, if the blood pressure medicine is causing the ED (as there are always side-effects associated with western prescriptions such as this), then you may need to resolve the blood pressure issue so you don’t need the medication. That said, I believe that even if you must stay on the medication it is absolutely possible to heal this issue. But it will take a new way of learning how to be with one’s body. Can I recommend you check out my Sexual Self course (, as this program takes you through all the steps needed to fully awaken the body to pleasure and overcome issues such as ED. Hope that helps xx

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