How I overcame nausea during pregnancy.

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When I first saw the cross show up on the pregnancy test, I was excited. My husband and I both. We’d wanted to have a child sometime soon, and now we had a baby in my belly. We began telling people straight away. I know the general rule is wait ‘till you’re out of the danger zone at 3-months, but our philosophy … Read More

Emotional Health: Poisoning your mind with what you eat?

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Our emotional health is intimately connected to the food we put in our body. We may not think it is, but next time you eat a block of chocolate take the time to notice how you feel emotionally half an hour later. Down. Low on energy. Perhaps even a little cranky? Why is this? Refined sugar is one of the main foods … Read More

The caped crusaders of the fruit bowl: Tuck in!

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In summer we’re naturally drawn to fruit; there’s nothing like tucking into bowl of fruit salad on a hot summer’s day or slurping down a fresh fruit smoothie. And if it’s good for us, then why hold back. But as you’ll read, some fruits are more like Clark Kent than Superman. Superfruits, like superheros, can be used as a vehicle … Read More

Liver detox

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To detox or not to detox, that is the question. And the first thing I’ll say about this is that: Our liver is our body’s natural cleanser. After eating up (and drinking up) a storm over the festive season, your natural reaction may be to do a detox, but at the end of the day, our liver’s main function is … Read More

Water works

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Unless you’re from Mars, you’ve heard about the ‘eight glasses of water a day’ thing. Yet it’s amazing how many people don’t drink enough, hence why I felt the need to look at the dangers of dehydration this week. Most people these days are running around on a daily basis dehydrated to some extent. Unless you’re drinking two to three … Read More

The Sugar Blues

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How often do you indulge in something sweet, only to be left feeling like rubbish? Let’s takes a look at the relationship between sugar and our mood. Sugar is a known cause of altering mood. It gives your blood an instant rush of energy, but that does not last long. You will experience a drop in mood and energy an hour … Read More