Ep.12 How dating myself led me to my prince!

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OK, so I have a confession to make: I am a total romantic. I am in love with love stories. Real life love stories. So it’ll come as no surprise that in my 20s, one of the big things on my mind, was meeting my Prince, and living happily ever after. But let’s just say by the time I hit … Read More

Shopping for a lover.. online? Go on. Try it on for size!

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If it’s ok to shop online for books, clothes, and household goods, why are so many people hesitant to checking out the vast array of potential mates online? We seem to be fine with shopping around for the perfect car, the perfect dress, or the perfect nail colour, so is tracking down the perfect partner any different? Really? With people … Read More

To flirt or not to flirt.. at work?

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That is certainly the question!! And with so many of us working long tiresome hours, it’s no surprise that office romance blossoms into existence. Know that just because you practically live at your desk, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little romance. Office romance may often be frowned upon, but give you have common ground, that’s a great foundation for … Read More