How to stay juicy through menopause

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Going through menopause doesn’t need to be a rough sea of hormonal changes and emotional turmoil.

You can sail smoothly through menopause.

Many women see menopause as the end of a woman’s sexuality, when it couldn’t be further from it.

In fact, many women find menopause is just the beginning!

Menopause is a time when women really arrive into their full power and many report feeling more alive than before reaching this defining time in their life.

So let’s first have a look at some of the big problems women experience during menopause; a waning libido, a dip in their self-esteem, thinning and drying up of their vagina.

For anyone going through such dramatic changes it can feel like it’s the death of your sexuality.

Yet every woman can become juicy again.

We have glans than run along the inside of the vaginal canal, and if these are not working properly, they can stop secreting liquid.

Soft, gentle massage of the vaginal tissue is extremely effective in helping to reactivate those glans.

Women who use the Jade Egg regularly report a significant change, not only in how wet they get, but in the return of their libido and increased sense of self.

The Jade Egg works by massaging the glans back to life, while at the same time drawing out trauma that has been stored in the vaginal tissue.

Unresolved trauma can cause all sorts of vaginal issues, from numbness, the inability to naturally get wet, thinning of the vaginal walls to a declining libido.

Yet the jade itself is extremely healing, grounding and cleansing, hence why it’s such a powerful stone to have inside your body as you go through this powerful time.

Not only is the Jade Egg practice extremely effective in helping women get and stay juicy as they go through menopause, many women claim it even gets rid of their grey hair!

The Jade Egg can seriously make menopause one of the juiciest times of your life!

Menopause is also a time where you need to care for your feminine self. 

The Jade Egg practice, being a very feminine in nature, is a great way to let go and surrender into yourself.

Stress during menopause will only increase the symptoms, yet if you can engage in a relaxing practice like that of the Jade Egg, you’re able to reconnect with your feminine self, and give yourself the nurturing you need at this important time in your life.

This practice will help support your adrenal health by giving your body time out to simply be and connect with YOU!

Be sure you’re having fun during this transition, moving your body sensually.

You also want to ensure you’re staying well hydrated.

Hydration is essential for feeling and expressing your juiciness.

So love yourself enough to nurture your feminine self, use the Jade Egg, have fun, keep your body moving, drink plenty of filtered water, and before you know it, your vagina will be juicy and happy to make love again!

If you’d like to learn specific practices for helping your vagina become juicy again, increase your libido and connect more intimately with your feminine power, check out my Yoga for the Vagina online series here, and sign up for the free Yoga for the Vagina Starter’s Sequence.

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