Connection. That’s all we really want… yeah?

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We all want connection.

In fact, that’s what we crave, what we yearn for, right?

Connection with others, but most importantly, connection with our self.

Yet this deep soul connection remains elusive for most people.


Because instead of focusing on connecting, we humans tend to get caught up pursuing things that we think will deliver us that connection, seeking connection outside of ourself instead of going within.

People get themselves into debt to buy that bigger house or that fancier car.

They work longer hours to get the heftier pay packet to support the higher style of living that will hopefully make them appear more attractive to the opposite sex so they can welcome in the perfect partner, and so on it goes.

Ultimately this motivation to be seen as ‘successful’ or ‘good enough’ is driven by a need for connection.

Interestingly, we don’t actually need all these shiny things to feel connected.

All we need is to foster our connection with ourself.

Nurture it.

Feed it.

When we let go of all the mental gunk we took on as child, we no longer feel separate, incomplete or unworthy.

We feel whole and complete and connected.

Connection is something you can have right now.

It’s not something you have to go out and get.

So what does it mean to truly connect?

Ultimately, it is to be one with yourself.

To follow your heart’s voice.

To experience love as opposed to struggle.

To have an inner knowing that everything’s going to be ok.

When you have this kind of connection with yourself, you no longer feel alone or separate.

Instead you feel warmth within and relate easily to others.

If you experience anything other than love and joy in all that you do, then you know you’ve disconnected from your self – and are instead coming from a gunky ego space.

To be truly connected to yourself is to live a life of love, and if you happen to slip out of that loving space (which happens) you simply recognise it for what it is, gather the learnings and allow yourself to return to that space of love again.

Now many people seek connection through sex.

Yet the type of sex the majority of the population are engaging in these lacks substance – deep connection – instead coming from a place of need and survival and limiting beliefs.

Sex of this variety can leave you with a sex hangover – as you’ll hear in my interview below with Medical Intuitive Belinda Davidson.

We discuss how sex can actually be used as a vehicle to bring us closer to ourselves, to our partner and to everything around us.

Spiritual sex really is a profound experience that takes you beyond the physical sex most people are familiar with.

If you’d like a taste of what you’ll learn in my Sexual Self course, then have a listen to this interview in what it means to truly connect through sex.

What to know more about Belinda?

Belinda Davidson is a well-known medical intuitive, author and public speaker. She is founder of The School of the Modern Mystic, an online teaching facility dedicated to helping ‘modern mystics’ embrace spirituality and discover their life purpose.

Belinda offers free white light healings, so be sure to visit her website and sign up for yours. Or take a peek at her free chakra course where she’ll take you on a journey into how the chakras affect your life.

What do I love about Belinda? I respect and adore her practical approach to spirituality. She may be a full-fledged psychic, but there isn’t a woo-woo bone in her body.

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