Are you constantly trying to prove yourself?

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I’m sure you’re familiar with at least one point in your life (perhaps a hundred or two) where you’ve tried to impress someone, or prove how good you are to them; bragging about some credential without any real reason to or talking yourself up amid meeting a new person in the hope of being accepted.

To be liked!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you need to prove yourself to others.

What you need to know however is that when a person tries to prove their value or worth to another person, it’s a sign of them not believing in themselves.

You see, if you believed in yourself 100% you’d have no reason to prove yourself to another person.

If you’ve ever tried to push your point of view in order to make someone else wrong, then you know you need to believe in yourself more.

I’m not saying don’t get involved in discussions and debate opposing views.

What I’m saying, is if you’re attached to being ‘right’ then you know you have some insecurities that need dealing with.

You should never need to prove yourself to another person.


If you’re comfortable with who you are and what you have to offer, people will see that without you needing to ‘prove’ it to them.

Hard workers, high achievers, people who are always striving no matter what the cost, are often the people who have an underlying motivation to be seen, to be recognized, and ultimately to be loved.

They unconsciously seek other people’s attention to feel of value.

Problem is, no amount of success can heal the inner wound that sees them constantly trying to impress others.

Your inner world reflects your outer world.

If you believe you are worthy and deserving.

If you value and respect yourself, then others will too.

They’re just a reflection of you.

The only person you need to impress is YOU!

So look in the mirror and do all you can to prove to yourself how freakishly amazing you are.

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