Deadlines: Enjoy the journey, not just the end point.

Over the past few months I learnt a very important lesson to do with deadlines. And I decided to share it with you today, in the hope that it might help you create more freedom and more happiness in your life. So let’s begin with just one question… How do you feel about deadlines? Do they choke you with fear, … Read More

Do you have a daily ritual? 6 practices I do every day.

Are you one for rituals? Do you have a certain way you put on your make-up or cook your breakfast? While I’m all for being spontaneous and enjoying the moment, I’m also a big advocate of having little daily practices that allow one to nurture and center his or herself. Life can get super chaotic at times and having little … Read More

It’s time to stand to attention!

Just as we have a national budget deficit so too do we have an attention deficit – and it’s this attention deficit that stops us truly connecting with ourselves, with others and the world around us. Amid the world of distractions we live in, we often hear people say ‘Pay attention please,’ or ‘Can I have your undivided attention?’ So lets first take a look … Read More

Give the gift of presence this Chrissy

What’s the best present you can give your loved ones this year? Although many might argue that a new car, fancy necklace or a little lovin’ are all ideal gifts – consider this: Material objects while lovely, don’t really nourish us. What they do is give us a little bit of joy when they’re shiny and new, but that wanes. … Read More

Curiosi-tea… opening your mind to more.

What does it mean to be curious about you? About life? How would your life be different if you lived each moment from a place of complete curiosity? That’s right, go into each situation, each interaction with a willingness and openness to understand and thus grow?  What you’d probably find is that there would be no more judgments or critisisms … Read More

‘Down-time’ the key to weight loss? Yes… really!

With summer on our doorstep, many of us are looking to get our bodies bikini-ready for the beach. Diets. Exercise. They’re the typical recipes for weight loss and cellulite reduction, but what if de-stressing your life is the missing ingredient to shed the kilos? It’s hard to believe that stress can lead to weight gain, but it’s true. When we’re … Read More