Meditation. I can’t meditate? Or can I?

Meditation. You either love it, or you possibly don’t fully understand it. And that is the purpose of this blog. To shed some light on what meditation really is and how it works, because too often I get told by people ‘Oh, but I can’t meditate’. Upon asking a few more questions, I soon discover that what they believe meditation … Read More

Sleep issues? Maybe you need a bedtime yoga ritual.

You’re certainly not alone if you have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, or waking feel more tired than when you first hit the hay. Why does this happen? There are a few contributing factors, but the main one is this… We live in a world chock-full to the brim of ‘information’. There’s just so much information that our brains … Read More

We ALL need a spiritual practice. Here’s why…

Do you have a spiritual practice? And if not, why not? Before I began my daily spiritual practice – of tuning into myself and clearing beliefs – I was living in a whirlpool of chaos, barely keeping my head above water. Yet when I started connecting with myself – for that is what a spiritual practice is about, connecting with … Read More

Are you a human DOing or a human BEing?

I find it fascinating that as human BEing’s we tend to spend a lot more time doing than we do being. When was the last time you sat down and took time out from your hectic schedule to simply be? To give yourself a break from the societal noise and allow yourself to sink into a state of calm bliss? From the minute people awake, … Read More