Great Sexpectation 12: Anal sex is dirty

or perhaps you may believe

Anal sex is just for gay couples

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I’ve gotta say if you’re limiting your sex to vagina penis intercourse, then you’re missing out on some really yummy orgasms.

The anus is one of the most sensual erogenous zones.12-1-sh-anal-sex

The ladies get indirect stimulation of the g-spot, while the men get direct stimulation of the prostate.

And regular stimulation of that area actually decreases a man’s chances of getting prostate cancer.

Given one in ten men get prostate cancer, it’s a really pleasurable form of prevention.

Just a couple of things to beware of if you haven’t had anal sex before.

You have a sphincter that needs to be warmed up – it’s a very delicate, sensitive area with lots of nerve endings, that’s why you MUST go slow.

Keep communicating with you partner and checking in to see how they’re going – focus on relaxing into it.

And you also want to use lots of lube, as like I said, the anus is not self-lubricating.

Something most people don’t know, is that your anus is the one area of the body that you can apply pressure to, to relax the autonomic nervous system in the body – which is responsible for regulating our digestion, circulation and breathing.

So the next time you get really stressed out and you want to relax, play with your bum.

If you’re partner comes home stressed and cranky, offer to play with their bum and see how quickly they relax!

Are ready to strip off your great sexpectations?

Sexpectations limit our experience of orgasm.

So I really invite you to question what you’ve known about sex until now, so you can experience more than you have in the past, such as the joys of multi, full body and even energetic orgasms.

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On that note I will leave you with this quote from

Eli Khamorov:

‘The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.’sexual-fire-sexy






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