The Jade Egg playshop

Naked insights on sensuality, pleasure and self-love.

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’re ready to take your Jade Egg practice a little deeper.  The Art of the Jade Egg playshop was a basic introductory package designed to help you establish a nourishing Jade Egg practice. I have since expanded this content and have replaced this playshop with a far more in depth online study course for you.

After years of study into women’s health and healing, completing various yoga trainings and Jade Egg embodiment sessions (not to mention all the years of personal practice), I have created Yoga for the Vagina: A comprehensive online series designed to help your heal sexual trauma and sexual health concerns so you can enjoy the deep pleasure available to you.

Yoga for the Vagina is a lush and restorative yoga practice that uses the Jade Egg to help journey deep into self-love and self-acceptance. As you explore this series you will step into a more heart-connected way of being and…

  • Awaken the vaginal tissue so you can feel more pleasure
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor and cure incontinence
  • Get rid of PMS
  • Self-lubricate naturally
  • Breath life into your sexual organs so they work as they were designed
  • Overcome infertility issues
  • Gain vaginal articulation so you can essentially play rhythms on your partner’s penis
  • And prime the area for deeper and more expanded orgasms.

If you’re ready to step into a more sensual, loving and heart-centered relationship with your most fabulous self (and your vulvalicious vagina) then you’ll LOVE Yoga for the Vagina. It was after what I share in this online program, that I was able to truly connect to myself on all levels and experience a deeper more authentic pleasure in the bedroom as well as feel more alive and exuberant.

jade-eggOriginating in China, the Jade Egg has been used for 5000 years to help women fully step into their sensual self and the orgasmic bliss available to them during sex. Through using the Jade Egg a woman is able to fully awaken her sexual self, while deriving a basket full of physical, mental, emotional and energetic benefits, not to mention healing the sexual organs and keeping them tight and resilient.

The Jade Egg works by connecting a women to her vagina and thus herself, so she can experience a deeper happiness within. The eggsercises and poses I teach help awaken the vaginal tissue so it can feel more as well as strengthening and toning the area so it can do more. Not only will your vagina be more sentient, once you learn the art of vaginal articulation, you’ll be able to play rhythms on your partner’s penis! Plus you’ll increase your libido too.

The benefits of regular Jade Egg practice don’t stop there. By building a stronger pelvic floor you help seal in the energy while you menstruate, which eases PMS symptoms such as fatigue, cramping and heavy bleeding. The practice is also great for women who have given birth, as the gentle squeezing of the area helps repair the damaged nerve endings and regain the elasticity of the vagina.

Because of the internal organ support you give yourself a natural facelift, and the Jade Egg is also brilliant in helping a women lubricate more easily. Even women who have gone through menopause can become juicy again. Women who have experienced sexual trauma – abuse, miscarriage, abortion, even birth – are able to use the Jade Egg to energetically clear out the unresolved residue that can get stored in the vaginal tissue.

To learn more about Yoga for the Vagina and find out what’s included in this beautiful course, simply visit the website which I created as a FREE resource for women looking to explore the Jade Egg practice in more detail.

On this website you’ll find your FREE Yoga for the Vagina Starter’s Sequence, I answer 42 of the most commonly asked questions and you’ll learn all about why Nephrite Jade is the only crystal safe for vaginal use.