This page is here for archival purposes only, and the audio is no longer available. If you would like to listen to my 1-hour The Art of Self Love playshop simply sign up for the Self-Love Starter’s Kit at the top of the page.


Welcome to The Naked Way! In this 50-minute audio playshop you’ll learn what’s needed to get rid of negative thinking patterns so you can change your current circumstances and enjoy more pleasure in your life. Whether it be finding the love of your life, overcoming a life-threatening health ailment, curing depression or anxiety, getting that job promotion, increasing your finances, enjoying deeper more heart connected sex and relationships or simply getting more aligned with your purpose, this playshop will give you the foundation for that change.

Our physical life is a direct reflection of the relationship we have with ourself. No matter what area of life you’re not 100% happy with, it all comes back to your internal thoughts; your programming. Once you learn how to tune into your subconscious mind and clear out the childhood conditioning that is creating the results you’re currently getting, all sorts of magic is possible. Click here to read other people’s experiences with me.

Please ensure you’re in a place where you won’t be disturbed for the entirety of this playshop, with mobiles and other electronic devices switched off. It’s vital you are completely present for the playshop or key information will be missed. Our ego has a lovely way of distracting us from the important bits when change is on the horizon! This, for many people, is part of their sabotaging wiring which keeps then stuck in the same spot. You’ll need a pen and paper to take part in the exercises and make sure you’re in a relaxed space. Please enjoy our offering!


*Please note: The Under the Covers course referred to in the playshop has now been renamed to Sexual Self.

Once you’ve listened to the playshop, if you would like to discuss how you can start to create change immediately, simply email to line up a complimentary chat about which program option would best suit your style. Or feel free to visit our Remarkable Relationship page for more information on the 3-month tele course that will quite literally transform your relationship with YOU!

If you’d like listen to more of Tamra’s free audios, you can head over to the Remarkable Relationships page, where she has popped up ‘The Art of Self-Love’ playshop she recorded in June 2015. Enjoy!

Become a student of self. And live in your base state of love!