4 tips for finding the perfect course for you!

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If you’re here, chances are I’m not the first person or course you’ve come across that says they can help guide you out of your problems.

There are plenty of beautiful souls creating some pretty amazing transformations for people out there, through 1:1 work and through online and in person courses.

Unfortunately, there are also some less experienced, or even out of integrity people, trying to make a quick buck.

But, I like to hope that most people wanting to teach you something truly have your best interests at heart.

Having released my first online course back in 2011, and been working with clients 1:1 since 2003, I am certainly familiar with the hesitations and fears that can arise when choosing to hire a coach, therapist or mentor or enrol in an online or in person course or retreat.

Being a forever student, I take my own course choices very seriously.

I totally get it!


How do you choose the right course or mentor for you?

Here’s what I’ve learnt through my many years of being both the teacher and the student…

1) It’s not about how much stuff you get for the fee you pay

Ok, so you want to make sure you’re getting good value for money, absolutely.

That’s why I always chock my courses full of super valuable content.

But the content I put into my courses is ONLY the stuff that creates the transformation.

I personally choose to leave out all of the ‘fluff’.

We live in a busy, fast-paced world, so you want whatever you consume to be the important stuff, right?

Not just fillers designed to make you feel like you’re getting more value for money.

You want the techniques, practices and teachings that make all the difference.

That is essential in my eyes.

For what you want is the transformation.

You want to the exact tools you need to the result you want.

That’s what you want to keep your eye out for, ok?

So get super razor sharp clear on exactly what it is that you want – what is the outcome you want – and then choose your course or mentor accordingly.

2) It’s about trusting that only YOU know who the right person is to help you on your journey

Rapport is EVERYTHING!

If you don’t have good rapport with someone, then the learning process will be difficult.

You’ll resist the teachings.

And chances are you probably won’t finish the course… that’s if you even start it in the first place!

You need to be really charged, super vibed about working with this person, whether it be virtually through on online self-paced course or more intimately in a 1:1 setting.

Even if you’re not directly connecting with your teacher, you will feel that person’s energy through everything they share in their courses.

Their energy alone will lift you into a new way of being and living.

That’s why you want to choose someone you feel you can trust, someone who continues to show that they know what they’re talking about and are in fact walking their talk, and that they embody the qualities that you wish to embody.

When you find someone like this, then you will feel totally inspired to do the work.

Because no matter who you work with, you will need to do some work!

And at times there will be resistance to the work, because as I explain in my blog Understanding Self-Sabotage, resistance is all part of the growth journey.

So you want someone who inspires you.

Because if there’s one thing that will keep you on the growth path, it’s that feeling of deeply felt inspiration.

You don’t want to have to actively motivate yourself each day to complete the tasks and follow the lessons.

Otherwise it’ll all seem too hard and you’ll give up.

You need to want to do it!

But only you know who you vibe with!

And in choosing a course or mentor you want to go with the person who feels the most inspiring to you.

The person who just feels right.

3) Choose a program that will support you in overcoming your personal blocks

Chances are you’ve probably enrolling in a few courses before, and chances are you didn’t complete them all.

If we look at the stats only around 10-30% of people complete a course they enrol in.

This is why you need to be choosy about what program or course you select.

You want to feel so inspired about it, that you just have to dive into it.

But on top of that, you want to choose a method of learning that supports you in overcoming your personal blocks.

For instance, if you’re someone who tends not to finish courses, or has a hard time committing, then you’re better off working with someone 1:1 – as opposed to a self-paced online course – so that you have that person holding your accountable and guiding you through the blocks that have stopped you fully committing to change in the past.

Chances are, once you’ve gone through the change process with someone holding your hand the first time, you’ll have a much deeper self-trust and self-accountability to do self-paced courses in the future.

So honestly take the time to ask yourself: 

What seem to be my study blocks?

And what program or course will best support me in overcoming them?

4) Know that you can’t stuff up!

Ok, so every choice we make is perfect for us, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

It’s really easy to get stuck sitting on the fence, and never make a decision about which path of study to follow; which course you should complete or which teacher you should work with.

We keep thinking about the best one, but never actually making a decision.

The problem with this is, if you don’t choose anything, then you don’t create any change, right?

Not choosing is choosing.

Choosing not to grow.

Choosing to stay where you are right now.

Choosing for nothing to change.

What I’m saying is that choosing a course of study is better than not choosing a course of study.

That way, you will either get what you want, or you will learn more about what you don’t want, so you can make a better informed decision next time.

In this way, even if the course you choose doesn’t give you the result you wanted, it will give you something.

It will give you a learning.

It will help you on your path to where you want to go, by helping you get more aligned with the direction you need to take.

So in this way, you cannot choose wrong.

There are no wrong choices.

Isn’t that a relief!!!

Sometimes we’re not personally ready for the teachings we enrol in.

If you have lifetime access to a course, no big deal.

Come back to them later when you are ready.

Or maybe you enrol in a course and you don’t resonate with the majority of the content, but there is this one core teachings that changes EVERYTHING for you!


Then you got exactly what you came for.

Sometimes you just need one little tweak to what you’re doing to make all the difference, and if that’s what a course gives you, perfect!

Know that nothing is a waste.

You will learn when you are ready to learn.

You will take on the teachings you most need, when you are ready to take them on.

And this is why all of my courses are with your for your lifetime!

Yes, you get lifetime access to all my courses.

That way you can marinate in their teachings for many years to come.

Or so you can ponder them, and come back to them another day, when you’re fully ready to embrace their full magic.

Ok, now it’s up to you.

Up to you to choose what you most need right now.

My advice: 

Go with the course or mentor that most inspires you.

The one that lights you up the most.

Then simply trust, that there is a reason you have been drawn to this person or this course.

You don’t need to know all the details, you simply need to trust that inner ‘Yes’ that is leading you in a particular direction.

That is your heart guiding you to exactly what you need right NOW!

If you’d like to learn more about my offerings, simply click here.

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