Why manifesting doesn’t work

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We’ve all been there; we really wanted something, and so we’ve tried this manifesting thing.

We focused really hard on what we wanted – just like they teach us in the book The Secret – but it didn’t work.

And maybe you’ve tried it a few times.

Yet, for some reason, you manage to manifest some things, but can’t seem to attract in the things that you really really want!

Like a husband or the big pay cheque or the house.

You conclude that manifesting works on the small things, but not so much on the big things.

Why is that?

Why can’t I manifest the things I really want?

Because there are key ingredients to manifesting that need to be in play, in order for manifesting to work.

And while I love The Secret, it did miss out some important instruction, if you want to manifest everything you want.

Especially those things that perhaps, you don’t fully believe you can have right now.

So let me just say upfront:

Manifesting does work.

You just need to do it properly.

And that’s what you will learn in this blog!

So let’s start with the big doozy that trips people up in their manifesting.

Attachment to the thing you want.

If you’re attached to what you wish to manifest – as in, if you’re obsessed with having this thing in your life – then that obsession or ‘attachment’ actually pushes that thing away.

Imagine you’re in a relationship with someone you’re totally into.

You can’t stand to be away from them for even a minute.

You’re all over them.

Obsessed with them.

What do you think will happen?

They’re gonna run a mile, right?

They’ll feel so suffocated by you, they’ll be outta there!

This is essentially what happens when we get obsessed or too attached to the thing we’re wanting to manifest.

We suffocate the life out of it.

When we start worrying about ‘how’ and ‘when’ it will arrive, and start acting in strange ways, because we just have to have that thing, what we’re actually doing, is sending out the vibe that we’re lacking.

When we live from a place of lack, when we feel like we don’t have something, that’s exactly what we manifest: Not having that thing.

You see the universe can’t send us anything that we’re not an energetic match for.

What do I mean by ‘energetic match’?

I mean that your energy is aligned with the thing that you want to manifest.

When you are aligned with what you want to manifest, you feel – with you mind, your body and your emotions – how you would feel, if you already had that thing.

You feel it.

You believe it.

You know it.

You are essentially living ‘as if’ you already have that thing.

There is this strong inner confidence that you can have what you want, and that all you need to do is get clear on why you want it, take inspired action, stay in the energy of already having that thing you wish to manifest, and it will be yours.

When you can experience this kind of inner joy, then you act, behave and think in a very different way; in a way that allows you to attract in and see the opportunities that would help you create that which you wish to manifest.

This even helps in manifesting physical healing, because when you live with inner joy and contentment, this sends signals to the brain to release certain healing chemicals in the body to facilitate physical healing.

This is why you want to practise holding the vibe for what you want, all the time!

Spend time day-dreaming on what it would feel like to have that thing.

Day-dream to the point that you feel that heart-felt excitement – that ‘Oh wow , I did it’ feeling – in your body.

Get into that energy as often as you can.

Multiple times per day.

Yes, instead of waiting to get excited about that thing arriving, do it NOW!

Before you have any signs of that thing being on its way to you.

How do you stay in the energy of having that thing?

Ask yourself: If I had _______ (insert thing you want to manifest)…

  • How would I act?
  • What would I be doing differently?
  • How would I be spending my free time?
  • What would I be thinking?
  • What would I be feeling?

That last one is the most important, as feeling how you would feel having the thing you wish to manifest, is what helps you magnetise that thing in.

If you feel rich, or you feel confident, or you feel healthy already, you trigger off a chain reaction of events that help bring your thing into physical reality.


Because you have become an energetic match for the thing you’re wanting to manifest into your life.

That’s why you want to start doing all of those things you would be doing, thinking, and feeling – if you had the thing you want to manifest already – NOW!

Don’t wait til that thing has arrived.

Until you get into that high-vibe state, that thing won’t arrive.

Or if it does, it won’t hang around.

Of course, staying in the ‘energy’ of the thing you wish to manifest is far easier, when you have beliefs that support you in having that thing.

For when you have a supportive belief system you’re not constantly being bombarded with negative thoughts about your ability to manifest.

Clearing limiting beliefs is something I teach in the Remarkable Relationships course, and I’ve found that those people who are able to change their beliefs, certainly have an easier time attracting in what they want.

Ok, so you need to let go of being so attached to what you want, you need to feel as if you already have what you want… next…


Being an energetic match for the thing you want to manifest does require you to get super clear on why you want that thing, ok?

If your motivation for what you are wanting to manifest is coming from a fear-driven space, then this isn’t in your highest good, or the highest good of those involved.

Spend some time getting super clear on why you want what you want.

And how you getting what you want will support you, support others and ultimately, have a positive effect on the planet.

You need to be that clear, ok?

Not sure how you having bucket loads of money can be of service to others?

Having money gives you the freedom to share the gifts you are here to share without fear of or worry about needing to pay the bills.

We explore this in depth in the Money and Me course.

This course teaches you how to manifest money from a genuine, heart-felt space full of integrity.

This is essentially a course in manifesting… and will open for enrolment early November.

Having lots of money allows you to give and contribute to those in need.

Having more money – which will no doubt include spending more – will allow you to contribute to the world’s economy.

There are plenty more reasons why you having lots of money is in everyone’s highest good.

But you get the gist…


You want to stay in a place of confident expectation, knowing you will receive what you want or better.

You need to realise that there are many ways for the manifesting process to play out; meaning that the thing you want can come to you in many different ways.

So yes, you must release the idea of ‘how’ that thing may come into your life.

The ‘how’ is not your responsibility.

Your only job is to know that it will, while continuing to take inspired action, and staying in the energy of already having that thing.

Yes, ask for inner guidance.

Yes, show up and action that inner guidance.

But leave the ‘how’ to something beyond you.

This is often where the confusion is.

People think that in manifesting, you need to plan ‘how’ that thing will arrive.

If I save this much money every week… if I jog around the park every day… if I go to every party I’m invited to I will meet my guy!!

This stifles the process.

There are a million different ways (or more) that something could come to you.

But if you have a set idea on how that thing must come to you, you block out all the other opportunities for that thing to materialise into your life.

Perhaps you’re in love with the guy next door.

He never seems to show you any interest.

Then one day you’re out walking your dog and this ridiculously handsome, kind, lovely young chap approaches you to ask for directions.

You’ve got your headphones in, and you wave him off, feeling you don’t have time for whatever it is he wants.

That could have been your future husband, but you were so obsessed with the guy next door, you didn’t give this new guy a second thought.

This is just one little example of how, when we attach to the thing we’re manifesting, coming into our life is a very precise way, we block out the other offerings.

Offerings that are usually far better!

So let us get clear.

Your role, when it comes to manifesting is this:

Take inspired action. Live in the energy of already having the thing you want. And repeat until that thing arrives.

Leave the ‘how’ up to the universe (or whatever it is you believe in)!

So the trick is this…

You want to stay unattached to what it is you’re wanting to manifest.

This means getting super clear on what you want, and why you want it, and then take inspired actions  to make it happen, while feeling you already have it.

And you want to leave the ‘how’ up to divine intervention.

Now, what about timing?

Can I ask for something to arrive by a certain time?

Sure you can.

But don’t get attached to it arriving by that date.

If it doesn’t happen by the date you requested, your only job is to keep believing.

Stay in the energy of having already received your thing, while continuing to take inspired actions.

Don’t just give up if your date passes and your manifestation is yet to happen.

The reason most people think manifesting doesn’t work, is because they set a date, it arrives, and the thing isn’t there yet.

But this is where the real practice of manifesting begins.

Can you stay in the energy of having already received what you want, even though the deadline has passed?

Honestly, this is where you get to show how powerful you are!

This is where you must trust that if you are taking action, and believing, taking action and believing, taking action and believing, all of that will add up until it overflows into your reality. 

If your thing hasn’t arrived yet, all it means is that you need to believe more and take more action. 

The manifestation process hasn’t finished. 

You keep manifesting and creating, regardless of your physical results, trusting that you’re in a constant state of growth. 

That shifts and transformation are happening all the time, and while they may not be obvious to you, if you are taking inspired action and believing, then the manifestation process is well underway. 

 Just think of a seed. 

You plant it, and then you water it every day, and you trust that when it is ready it will pop through the surface and blossom into a gorgeous flower. 

Now it may take many weeks or even months before you can see it. 

That doesn’t mean that the plant has stopped growing. 

It simply means that it needs more time to germinate. 

It’s all happening beneath the surface. 

And that is exactly what’s happening when we’re manifesting the thing we want. 

But if you stop watering the plant, if you give up on the plant, the day before it rises into view, then you miss out on the miracle. 

Whatever you do, if you’re really wanting to manifest something, never ever give up!

That is the golden rule of manifesting, right?

Don’t allow thoughts of: ‘Oh I suck at manifesting’ or ‘This will never work for me’ enter your consciousness.

Questions like ‘When will I get my goal?’ only push your goal further away. 

Questioning is a sign of not trusting – not fully surrendering to the manifestation process. 

When you don’t trust you can have something, it sends out signals that you don’t believe you can have what you desire. 

As you know, if you don’t believe something, you can’t experience it. 

Our physical reality lies completely in our belief systems.

Dump those low-vibe thoughts into an imaginary rubbish bin and know that the manifesting process is still underway.

It hasn’t finished yet.

If it hasn’t worked yet, it simply means you have more work to do.

That’s all.

Like Marianne Williamson says in her book The Law of Divine Compensation: ‘Faith is not just a theological principle; it is a mental and emotional muscle.

We need to continue to flex that muscle.

Your belief, no matter how long the manifesting process seems to be taking, is the magical star-dust.

So maintain faith.

Keep believing, no matter what!

When you can trust – when you can continue to know that what you are manifesting is yours – then you can receive it.

Relax, and receive.

Know that the manifesting is underway, as long as you are continuing to take inspired action.

Please beware though, that sitting back and doing nothing – surrendering your results to the ‘Gods’ – is not manifesting.

‘God’s’ only role in this whole manifesting thing, is creating the ‘how’.

But if you haven’t done the prep work – if you haven’t dug the channel – then nothing’s going to flow on in.

Let me say that again

If your thing hasn’t arrived yet, it simply means the manifesting process is not yet complete.

That’s all.

No matter what information is presenting itself, you keep on believing.

You keep believing until that which you want, materialises.

Manifesting works.

You are manifesting all the time.

You may just be manifesting things you don’t want, due to the thoughts and behaviours you are choosing.

You are always attracting in what you are an energetic match for.

So if you don’t like what you’re attracting in, then you need to change your energy.

You need to get clear on what you want, why you want it, and start taking inspired actions towards creating that thing, while staying in the energy of already having it.

Know that you can manifest.

You can manifest whatever it is that you truly want into your physical reality.

You really are that powerful.

You just need to get the formula right!

Shall we go over it again?

Ok, just for clarity’s sake…

Get razor sharp clear  on exactly what you want to manifest and why you want to manifest it into your life.

If you could have anything, what would it be?

Once you know, and you feel really good about your motivations for wanting that thing, then…

Get into the energy of already having that thing.

Yep, act ‘as if’ that thing is in your life.

And as you’re doing this, continue to take heart-felt inspired actions to allow that thing to arrive.

That’s it!

Everything seen begins in a place that was first unseen. 

What I’m saying, is that the trick to manifesting is to see it, feel and know it is yours, despite what the physical world shows you.

If you do this, so shall it be yours.

Happy manifesting peeps.

And once you apply these little tips, please share your manifesting creations in the comments below.

Let’s inspire each other, and help build the inner trust that ALL of us can manifest.

Oh, and please know that the more you practise what I share, the easier manifesting becomes.

Easier and faster!

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6 Comments on “Why manifesting doesn’t work”

  1. If you could have anything, what would it be?

    Once you know, and you feel really good about your motivations for wanting that thing, then…

    Get into the energy of already having that thing.

    How do I do this when it comes to a health issue that the va medical system isnt helping me solve? My body is out of wack, Ive done tests, blood work, that says im normal, yet i have a near death experience every 3 days, where I cant breathe, get electric shocks throughout my body, my throat hurts hard to swallow, sharp pains in my temples, ringing in my ears, out of the blue cant breathe. I cant get any help i need with this. I had a seziure jan 8th at a funeral, since then my body is out of wack, I cant find out whats wrong with me. its frustrating, im not sick, i dont have covid, but out of the blue I feel tired, its hard to sleep, I bought a new bed, i eat healthy, its baffling, im not stressed or anxious. That seziure was unexplainable, did an mri they found nothing, did an eeg the found small electrictal activity, but thats not whats ailing my body. I wake up out of a deep sleep at 1 am and my whole body is numb, and hard to breathe, how can that be i was sleeping. I walk into menards and 5 minutes later i feel like im going to collapse………..its either some outside force doing this or something is in my body causing all of this, and i cant get the help to figure out what it is.

    So how do I manifest what ever it is controling my body to go away so I can be normal?

    Thank you

    1. Jason, I am really sorry to hear about your experience. When I work with people who have serious unexplained health issues, we work directly with the subconscious mind, and clear the limiting beliefs that are causing the physical symptoms. I see it time and time again, as soon as someone clears out their beliefs around how they feel about themselves, how they feel about the world, what they believe is possible in terms of healing, then the actual physical healing happens. If you’d like to learn more about my approach I recommend listening to this workshop I ran a few years back. You can listen to it for free here: https://gettingnaked.com.au/self-love-playshop/ Once you get your beliefs aligned – as in you believe whole-heartedly that you can live a healthy life – then you will manifest whatever you want. I hope that helps 🙂

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