The problem with problems.

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This is a quick little blog to help you find some peace around any problem or difficult situation you may be experiencing right now.

Because hey, I know life can seem like a struggle sometimes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The first thing you need to understand is that:

Our ‘perspective’ plays a huge role in how quickly and how easily we move through our issues or problems.

What I’m saying, is that if your mind gets stuck in the problem, then all you will see is the problem.

The problem will seem MASSIVE, it will take centre stage in your life, like you’re being blown about by a strong wind.

And when it does, there is no room for you to see the solution.

The problem seems too BIG, too out of your control.

There is always a solution, but if you’re totally invested in the problem – if you’re holding onto it super tight, like am umbrella in a gale – then there’s no opportunity for the solution to present itself.

Even if someone came to you with a clear-cut solution you would ignore them or dismiss it, because you are so focused on the problem.

This is how our mind works.

It keeps us focusing on the problem… actually it’s keeps us committed to the problem; refusing to let it go.

And when we’re committed to something, then that’s where we place all of our energy.

As the Taoists say: Where our attention goes, energy flows!

So in order to find the solution to our problem, we need to let go of the problem.

I’m not saying ignore it, or deny the problem is there.

What I am saying, is: 

When life throws us a curve-ball – be it a financial hardship, a shocking health issue, a heart-jerking relationship breakdown, or something else that knocks us for a six – it’s because there is something for us to learn.

There is a lesson available to us.

If we move our attention away from the problem, and onto the possible lesson, then we create space for the solution to arise naturally and easily.

How do you do this?

Next time you find yourself with a problem, take some time to sit and consider:

  • If this problem was here to teach me something – so I could experience a happier, healthier life – what would that lesson be?
  • What do I need to let go of in my life, so I can see the solution?
  • What is the solution?

Giving yourself an opportunity to sit with these questions – perhaps even journalling on them or meditating on them – will offer you the chance to move beyond the problem, so you can discover the solution.

The important thing to understand is this:

Everything is happening FOR you, not TO you.

It’s easy to get caught thinking: ‘Bad things always happen to me’ or ‘Why is this happening to me?’

But when we keep thinking in this negative way, all we are experiencing is negativity.

However, if we recognise that this thing that is happening is here to help us learn; to help us discover something new about ourself and the way we live life…

Then we can embrace the growth.

Instead of feeling miserable or annoyed at the challenge, we can see it for what is it; an opportunity to grow.

An opportunity to let go of the thing that is keeping you stuck in the wind-storm.

And in many cases, an invitation to walk down a new path.

This was certainly the case for me.

I was on the verge of being placed in a mental home due to numerous suicide attempts at the hand of severe clinical depression.

Yet, it was this very journey that led me down a path of learning about the mind, learning about mental illness, healing myself of depression and anxiety, and then sharing those skills with others.

If it had not been for this seemingly huge ‘problem’, then I would not have been led to develop a program that could help people become depression and pill free in just five months.

(If you’d like to know more about this program, simply click here.)

What always starts out as a ‘problem’, is always hiding a gift.

And when we are willing to look beyond the mask of the problem, we are privy to that gift.

But it all starts with being willing to let go of the problem; to let go of something that is no longer serving us.

For when we do, we instantly feel more at peace, and that is the space you need to be in, to allow in the solution to your problem.

When we recognise there is a reason for EVERYTHING we experience, no matter how sh*tty it may seem at the time, some of the emotion lifts.

When we’re stuck in the smog of emotion, we can’t see anything.

As one of my first teacher’s taught me: 

When emotion increases, intelligence decreases.


When we are experiencing emotion around something, finding a solution is impossible.

Everything will seem hard.

Really hard.

Yet, when we let go of ‘the hard’ then ‘the easy’ can be experienced.

The solution will come to you.

I invite you now to place your hand on your heart and say out loud:

Everything is happening FOR me, not TO me.

Then say it again…

Everything is happening FOR me, not TO me.

You might even like to write that sentence down on a post-it note, so that next time you’re faced with a doozy of a day, you can remember it.

Give it a try, and let me know how you go in the comments below.

And if you find any fear kick in, be sure to check out my blog: How to keep fear at bay.

It includes a cute little video tutorial with some super helpful tips on releasing fear.

But if you’re feeling drawn to explore these teachings in far more depth, then I invite you to join me in The Self-Love Meditation Course.

It will take you on a beautiful journey into self-love.

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4 Comments on “The problem with problems.”

  1. Had dinner my my gorgeous girlfriends last night, they are my rock and one of them shared your blog with me… rough two years behind me….new beginnings and now your blog…perfect timing you incredible woman…

    1. OH…. so happy you resonated with the blog! Please feel free to have a browse through the other blogs – there are literally hundreds of blogs like that that I’ve written, that might help give you what you need right now xx

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