Solve sexual health issues with squats!

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Squats will do more than help you get a nice booty and thighs of steel; they’re one of the best exercises for strengthening the internal muscles in the pelvic floor.

Now the term ‘pelvic floor’ refers to the group of muscles that form a muscular hammock across the opening of the pelvic.

These muscles, together with the surrounding tissues, keep all our sexual and reproductive organs in place so they can function properly.

And why do we want a fit and healthy pelvic floor?

So we don’t experience problems like impotence, incontinence, urinary problems, prolapsed organs… and the list goes on!

Now what I LOVE about squats, is that they’re super effective in strengthening the Pubococcygeus muscle (or PC muscle), which forms part of the pelvic floor.

When you push up from a squat you naturally contract the PC and anal muscles, so over time the men will develop more penis control and the women, more vaginal control.

When we orgasm our muscles contract – so that’s why the more control you create, the more intense your orgasms will be.

Of course as you build more muscle mass in your thighs and buttocks the demand for blood from your heart increases.

As a result, your groin receives more of the energy-rich blood you need to maintain an erection.

(Not just in men either! A woman’s clitoris become erect when she gets aroused too!)

This is why squats are so beneficial for men who have erection issues!

This extra thigh strength you’ll get from squats also means you can dance with much more freedom when you’re in the ‘on-top’ position.

For the women, combining squatting with vagina activation is key for allowing us to have the stamina for on-top lovemaking.

And you know those sexy moves you see pole dancers doing?

They help open all of this area – so if you’ve been curious about pole dancing, I suggest giving it a go!

But the great thing about squats is that they engage all the pelvic muscles and all of your internal organs.

They help open up the groin, they help our digestive system to have healthier elimination, they help us release tensions that cause lower back pain, and they increase the energy circulation in our leg meridians.

Why is this important?

These meridians actually bring chi (or energy) to our sexual organs.

This is so so important, because if you have any energetic blocks in your groin, that alone can inhibit sexual function.

Most of the activities we do in the Western world actually promote a tight groin.

For instance, if we spend more than an hour per day sitting in a chair, it can create a tight groin.

Most of us are so accustomed to feeling this that we don’t think of it as being bad.

Tight groins often result in or are accompanied by a tight sacrum and sore lower back.

So this week I’m recommended everyone do at least one set of squats daily.

Start with as many squats as you can do right now, and as your strength and stamina improve, slowly build up.

I’ll be heading to Sexpo Perth this weekend to share more tools and techniques you can use to improve your sexual function and sexual pleasure.

So if you’re in he area, make sure you come down and say ‘Hi’!

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4 Comments on “Solve sexual health issues with squats!”

  1. Can you explain the kind of squats? I perform squats in my workout regime. are these the same squats you’re referring to? Thanks.

    1. Of course! The most common types of squats – most likely what you are already doing – where you are standing legs about hip width apart and squatting down from there. Sounds like you’re already building the internal strength you need!

  2. yes i think squats are the best exercise there is it is erotic and sexy i love squats

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