Are you letting your internal cleanser do its job?

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Let me begin this blog piece by asking: How much sleep do you average per night?

Sleep is like putting the phone (our body) on the charger.

Less than eight hours sleep is like operating on a dying battery.

And unfortunately, not many people make good quality sleep the priority it needs to be.

This is where I ask you to imagine your body is an office building.

Crazy I know!

And your cleansing organs are the cleaners.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the clean-up crew (your cleansing organs) come in to do their work once you’ve clocked off for the day.

What I’m saying, is our bodies do cellular repair and cleansing when we’re sleeping.

What happens in the office building if someone works late and the cleaner comes round to empty the trash of the day?

The cleaner will leave you in peace to do your work, and the bin stays full.

After a while the trash starts to overflow, papers start to pile up, dust gathers, and eventually the place is forced to shut down for maintenance.

This is what we call illness and disease.

If your cleansing and repairing organs can’t do their job until 2am in the morning, then the prime cleaning time has been missed.

The best quality sleep we can get is between 10pm and 12midnight.

If you miss this window, your organs won’t have been given the chance to do their job properly, and you’ll wake up feeling tired, fatigued and over time, sick.

With the days getting shorter my suggestion is, if you’re sleep deprived, focus this week on getting to bed earlier, making sleep a valued part of your daily regime.

What I bet you’ll notice is how much fresher and alive you feel.

And how much more you get done during your waking hours, without needing to rely on body-depleting substances such as, dare I say, coffee!

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