Everyone gets what they want in life. Really!

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Did you know you always get what you want in life?

You’re probably thinking: ‘No I don’t want this debt’ or ‘I don’t want this toxic relationship with my parents’.

‘As if I’d order up a casket full of health ailments!’ 

Of course you don’t want these things consciously.

But if that’s what’s happening in your life right now, then at a subconscious level that is what you want.

That’s what you’ve been programmed to want subconsciously.

When we’re a child we quite literally get programmed like a computer; our subconscious mind modeling the people around us, until our software is hardwired to run a particular way.

Then as we grow up, no matter how hard we try to switch programs, the old one keeps creating a picture on our screen we’d rather not have.

Sure it may be a different situation, but it’s always the same outcome.

An outcome we don’tconsciously want, yet one we are subconsciously programmed to experience.

So what do we do with this cruddy subconscious programming that isn’t getting us the results we’d like?

Firstly you need to know that simply wanting something, is useless.

You need your software (or subconscious) to be wanting it too!

This requires going internal and doing some inner work, perhaps with a therapist, to unwire the old programming.

It also requires you committing to the outcome you want.

Wanting something and committing to something are worlds apart.

When you commit to something it means being willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.

Until you are committed there is hesitancy, ineffectiveness and excuses.

If you’ve got a limit on how much you’re willing to do, you’ll never get your goal.

So this is where I ask you: Are you willing to do whatever it takes?


You’re going to need a ‘never give up’ attitude, because chances are it won’t be a stroll in the park.

You need to be willing to face your fears and go for it despite how uncomfy it may feel.

And are you willing to give up everything you know without any promise of a return?

Once you commit to whatever it is you want, then the opportunities will start presenting themselves.

If you hit a brick wall (which is likely), don’t let it stop you.

Find a way to climb over it and carry on.

That’s how all the successful people do it!

Sure it may take getting your hands dirty, or it may force you to look at some programming you’re not too keen to explore.

Just know, that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You just need to commit to getting it!

Are you ready to go in and reprogram your hard-drive?

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