Victim or Victor: Which one are you?

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Do you have a sob story you like to re-run in your head or to your friends, family or shrink?

Are you someone who feels sorry for yourself and thrives on sympathy from others?

If so, you are playing the role of a ‘victim’ and we all know what happens to victims, yeah?

Bad stuff.

They’re like negativity magnets.

When you play the victim, you’re the perpetrator of your own misery.

You turn your back on your dreams, and any chance of having a better life.

The ‘victim mentality’ has people blaming others for their misfortunes or hurts and it stops them taking responsibility for their own happiness.

Just think about it for a moment: Where in life are YOU playing the victim?

As long as you continue to play the victim role, the hurting and pain won’t stop.

That I can assure you.

No matter how much empathy comes your way, you’ll continue to live as the victim – the sympathy and ‘Oh you poor thing’ statements, cementing in how bad your life really is.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but your life is only as bad as you choose it to be.

In life we have two choices.

We can continue the loop of self-imposed suffering and feelings of dejection, or we can get on with it.

When you choose to let go of the victim, you open a new line of sight that allows you to see how to overcome your problems.

A problem is only a problem because we focus so hard on it; we create more of the problem.

What you focus on is what you get.

If you want to be a victor, you need to step into that role, no matter what your hesitation.

You need to look beyond the problem and seek a solution.

Whether it’s a life threatening illness, financial hardship or the loss of a loved one, through death or a messy break-up, your life (and the results you get) is in your hands.

So how planted in victimhood are you?

And how willing are you to uproot your familiar yet destructive victim-weed in favour of growing a ‘tree of opportunity’?

You will be required to give up the ‘story’.

Giving the story energy only disempowers you and is a sign of dishonouring and disrespecting yourself.

So which do you choose: the victim or the victor? I know which I’d prefer.

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