Ep.16 Womb Care 101: Why tampons are not self-loving.

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Did you know that prior to menopause a woman’s womb cleanses itself once a month? You may know this as a woman’s ‘period’. Problem is, most of us ladies have learnt to adopt habits and behaviours that get in the way of this all-important ‘womb cleanse’. And when a womb doesn’t get the chance to cleanse itself regularly, we create … Read More

The spiritual power of menstruation

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Let me start by saying… Menstruation is not a curse. Menstruation is not a royal pain in the backside, or an inconvenient interruption to our life. Menstruation is our wise-time. A time for rest, radical self-care, inner reflection and deep healing. Menstruation is the one time every month we’re given the opportunity to go inside, uncover the ‘stuff’ that’s no … Read More

What tampons are doing to your womb

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Tampons. They’re convenient. But are they healthy? No. Even the natural ones are doing harm to your uterus. Let me explain… Once a month our womb (uterus) cleanses itself.  This is what we call our ‘period’.  Other organs in the body also keep themselves healthy by doing cleanses.  For example, each night the liver cleanses our blood, our bladder empties … Read More