What’s coffee got to do with anxiety?

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What’s coffee got to do with anxiety? Put simply… Coffee puts the body into a low level state of anxiety. You see, coffee is a stimulant. Maybe you’ve noticed after a coffee or three you feel a bit jittery? Or perhaps it only happens when you have a really strong coffee. Or maybe coffee has become such a regular in … Read More

‘The perks of caffeine’, Women’s Health and Fitness, 2006.

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The truth about caffeine.. Coffee has been put through the scientific ringer, you might say, and almost invariably come out with flying colours. So if you’re a coffee guzzler, pour yourself a cuppa and read on for the latest good-to-the-drop news on how to enjoy your beloved beverage. For starters, it’s an antioxidant powerhouse. Green coffee beans contain about 1,000 … Read More