Praise for the One-on-One Intensive


‘I didnt think it would be possible to overcome so many issues that I have been struggling with for years in the space of 5 months! Before I met Tamra, I had been in rehabilitation for 18 months after a major car accident and had become suicidal with countless therapists unable to help me recover both physically and emotionally. Thanks to Tamras program, I am now able to jog again pain-free, have overcome my fears of driving and am now back on the road, can sleep again and was able to return to uni which wasnt a possibility for me after the crash. I am now depression and anxiety free, with a newfound confidence in myself that I never knew even existed.

    Not only does Tamra help you solve your problems, she also shows you how you can overcome any problems that may arise in the future by yourself. Shes like a magical fairy from the Disney movies you watch as a child, helping you to remove all the burdens of your life and allowing you to believe that anything is possible if you are willing. The only other way I can describe her work is like lifting a weight off your shoulders and there is no price you can place on that. Not only do I now feel free but I also have a knowing that life will never be able to go back to that dark place.  This work that I have done with Tamra is the best decision and investment on myself that I have ever and will ever make.’

 – Jess, 21, Sydney, Australia 


‘Tamra I want to say THANK YOU so much. After reviewing my goals I can’t believe that 6 months ago to this day I set a goal with you that I thought could never be achieved in a lifetime!

Now I look back and see it as a wonderful gift, a journey where I was able to grow and conquer the biggest challenge of all – overcoming depression! There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t appreciate what you did to support and guide me in life’s toughest journey. What an AMAZING journey it’s been, and it’s just the beginning of many great things to come 🙂 No words can truly explain how amazing you and your sessions are. I’m speechless in the way you’ve supported me in changing my whole headspace and LIFE around! I now sit back and listen to those that have troubles with self belief and I can so understand where they are coming from, because just like them I had that same disbelief, that same negative belief of not ever being good enough.

BUT today, I can truly say ‘I AM depression FREE’ and pill free!  I can safely say that I have awoken happy this morning and every other morning for that matter and I am now in charge of my emotions. Do you know how awesome that feels? I can’t describe it! I don’t think THANKS is enough. There is NOT a single word that can explain how awesomely amazing you and your sessions are!’

– Tess, 24-years-old, Adelaide, Australia.

Tess was ever so kind to share more of her story in an intimate interview. Click here to have a listen!


‘Thank you Tamra. You have saved my life. I am forever grateful that I found you and your astonishing work. Many changes have occurred in my life since working with you. I have a wonderful job and more of a clear purpose in my life and am living and following my passion with certainty, free from doubt. 

    My relationship with my self has improved and for the first time I was able to get an understanding of what it felt like to love myself. I still have some way to go on this but I am in the right direction. My relationship with my partner has improved as a result of this. I am less triggered by him and less defensive which has resulted in much fewer conflicts. I see myself and the role that I play in the creation of our life much more clearly. 

    I am more excited about life and I view problems and challenges as signposts to areas that I need to learn from. This makes living life so much easier and I have a lot more compassion for myself. I able to connect in with my heart space and I have many tools that I can use to keep me emotionally and mentally stable and healthy. Most importantly I am depression free.’

-Tessa, Yoga instructor, Australia.


‘I began my sessions with Tamra in June 2012, with the intention of making my anxiety more manageable. I wasn’t sure to what extent Tamra would be able to help me, but feeling there may not be light at the end of the tunnel, what did I have to lose, right? Fast forward seven months and not only has working with Tamra exceeded my expectations but Tamra has helped me more than I could have imagined. One of my main concerns was that I wasn’t sure if I would play cricket again due to my anxiety getting so serious. In January 2013, I realised my dream of stepping back onto the cricket field and playing again – all thanks to Tamra.

The energy, excitement and knowledge that Tamra radiates is remarkable. She is amazingly understanding and helpful in understanding any situation. Tamra focuses on the positives and what steps to take in order to achieve one’s desired goals. Working with Tamra one-on-one and through her Remarkable Relationship program has opened my eyes to new experiences and reinstated my personal confidence. Taking part in the Remarkable Relationship program that Tamra runs has allowed me to get back in touch with my inner self, to feel more relaxed and more centred about the daily challenges I am up against.

Being a part of the Remarkable Relationship group allows you to become more in touch with people who share common difficulties, where people are able to work together to overcome issues they are faced with, whilst being aided by Tamra and her highly experience words of wisdom. Tamra gave me the skills to be able to work through any issues that come up day-to-day, and to even overcome some of my even bigger fears. Tamra is fantastic to work with, there should be no hesitation in wanting to work with Tamra to get guidance and advice from her.

Having Tamra help me through individual sessions and the course has exceeded my expectations by tenfold and has left me declaring myself anxiety free.’   

– John Milone, 23, Werribee, Australia.


‘When I found Tamra’s program I had just filed for divorce after spending 13 years as a stay-at-home mother to three amazing children. I had no money, felt incredibly intimidated by my ex and the divorce process, and I felt incapable of handling my life. The first thing I learned from Tamra is that my “problems” are not the problem; My thoughts about those problems are the problem. 
She showed me how to create a daily practice to stay connected to my true self, to set a goal to work towards and showed me a simple process to view any issue that I faced through a different lens, to see the truth in every situation, take responsibility for everything that I have created in my life, and regain my power to change the things that I’m not happy with. 
There are two big things that changed dramatically for me that were both totally unexpected. I’ve experienced a debilitating pain condition all of my life. During my 1:1 work with Tamra, I experienced a big flare-up just minutes before one of our sessions. Despite the fact that I had seen so many incredible changes in my life since my work with Tamra began, a part of me believed that this pain issue was too big and that I was probably doomed to live a life in fear of the next flare-up. We spent the whole session diving into the limiting beliefs behind this issue, and it wasn’t easy, but I was able to get to some pretty profound learnings. When we started that session my pain was an 8 on a scale of 1-10, but by the end it was a 2. An hour later it was 0. At first I thought maybe it was because Tamra helped me to calm down and my reduced stress-level caused my decrease in pain, but it’s been 8 months since that session, and I have not experienced even the tiniest inkling of the pain I used to experience on a daily basis. 
Another unexpected result I experienced as a result of doing this work has been a dramatic shift in my relationship with my ex-husband. Before I started working with Tamra, I felt like a doormat and an emotional punching bag. I had so little hope for a change in my relationship with him that it never actually occurred to me that after 15 years of this treatment, anything could change, until it did. About 10 weeks after I started working with Tamra, he suddenly started respecting my boundaries and began taking responsibility for his actions, which was the very thing I had been begging him to do for years. Tamra reminded me that the only part of our relationship that had changed, was me.  I removed the beliefs that were holding me back and started acting like I loved myself and it changed everything. 
Every single thing I asked for in the goal I set during my very first session with Tamra has materialized, and then some. I have a job that fills me up, a great relationship with my children, a positive co-parenting relationship with my ex-husband, a positive outlook on my past and future, a circle of incredibly supportive and like-minded friends, and the tools I need to deal with any situation I may be faced with in the future. When I look back just a few short months to the start of my work with Tamra, I’m in awe of all that I’ve accomplished, and I’m filled with a sense of joy and optimism for the future. This program is truly priceless.’

– Genevieve, Teacher, Monterey, California.


‘When I began the sessions with Tamra my self-confidence and satisfaction with life were extremely low. I felt I had very little control over my situation and I was not happy where I was living, my job satisfaction was minimal and I had just come out of a four year relationship, of which one was marriage. I was very much a lost soul.

She made me realise that it was my limiting beliefs that was holding me back from living my life to the fullest. Once I was able to let go of these beliefs, that kept me feeling constrained, I began to realise that what I could accomplish in my life was limitLESS! I am now in the process of organising my extensive two year experience of Europe, I have begun playing music in bands again and have a new look on life. Through Tamra’s hard work and passion for bringing out my true potential, I am able to deal with problems that arise in my life easily and I can see the big picture of what I want to achieve, where I want to be and what I want to be doing now and in the future. Thank you Tamra and I will be forever grateful.’

– Michael Filmer-Smith, 25-years-old, Teacher. 


‘From the day I started with Tamra, energies shifted, the world turned and the sun warmed my face after an immense darkness in my life. Working on goals and replacing negativity with positive light. I am now surrounded with self-love and  have an inner confidence, combined with positive learnings has lead me to have a new lease on life. My livelihood has changed dramatically with my monetary earnings now tripled and my search for a nurturing and loving relationship was achieved and I am now living with my beautiful partner. I am living life to the full. Thank you for your guidance.’

– Sandra, Sydney, Australia.


Jessica Rodda, from country Victoria, Australia, shares her very personal story in this video where she explains how she was able to keep her cervix thanks to the work we did together through the One-on-One Intensive and then the Remarkable Relationships course, after originally being told she needed to have an operation to have it removed due to pre-cancerous cells…


‘Money Money Money… I thought you could only obtain it in one form in one way that was of course until I met Tamra… She released my limiting beliefs at 1.15pm on a Thursday and feeling light and happy and free, I skipped back to work only to see that an email had come in at 1.20pm that same afternoon offering my husband and myself a free 5 star all expenses paid cruise to Noumea in exchange for some of our expertise in all things nostalgic.. DJ, Dancing and Vintage Styling Techniques & demonstrations….  Spooky some would say, coincidence other might say but I choose to believe in the power of what Tamra teaches and how she is able to guide us to be the best of who we are and to achieve the best of what we need and want in our lives…’

– Christine Keepence, Owner of the Lindy Charm School, Queensland, Australia.


marios-getting-naked‘Firstly, I want to say that ‘Thank You’ just doesn’t express my gratitude for what you were able to do for me.  I have always been a positive, energetic and ambitious person and was often referred to by my peers as ‘Successful’, but no amount of pre warning would have prepared me for the experience I went through late 2010 and during 2011.

I continually praise the day that I found that link on the internet to your book that firstly opened my eyes to the unfamiliar world of depression, and then your life changing email to me which was like a branch of hope.  Once the journey with you begun it was like heading to the beach on a hot day… are hot and bothered and cant be bothered moving, but you get into the car and take the journey knowing that the destination is where you want to be, and what a journey it was.

Has my life changed? Yes it has, and the lives of my family have changed as well.  After 12 years of marriage, my wife and I are happier than we have ever been before, and our 3 beautiful children have benefited from the love and laughter that fills our home.  My business has increased 80% since we finished our little journey and increasing staff levels is our only concern now.

Tamra, I often speak to others about my ‘Journey’ and all of the challenges and demons that I faced during the last 18 months, and to see how many people resonate with the challenges astounds me. So many people are living with ‘a full bag of stones’ and wont stop to empty them out and only after honest conversations about their own experiences, do they start to feel a little bit lighter but most of all they feel like someone else out there also knows how they feel.

Your help and the results after only 6 months are nothing short of amazing. The journey that we took was Enlightening and every session was like being reborn again. If I could have one wish today, it would be for everyone to have a ‘Tamra’ in their lives.
Thank You Coach.’

– Marios, Melbourne, Australia.


‘Words simply cannot describe how thankful I am for all you have done for me. You have literally changed my life. You changed the way I look at life and the way I look at myself. You taught me to love and trust again, and not just other people but most importantly myself. I am forever grateful to you and will never forget you. I am no longer afraid of so many things. I could sit here and ramble but the most important thing I have to say is THANK YOU.’

– Sarah Southwell, 17-years old, Victoria, Australia.


‘It’s been an unbelievable journey of self discovery, self acceptance and discovering my real dreams and desires and committing to bringing them to life. I have now got a variety of practical tools which I have adapted to my new ‘routine’ and I’m already starting to build and add to them. I really appreciated that you were direct and strong with me, no fluffy-counsellor-stuff, and I’m grateful that you committed yourself to me for the entirety of our time together.’ (Picture to the right of Phoebe enjoying a weekend away with herself as part of our ‘dating yourself’ homeplay).

– Phoebe, 34-years-old, Corporate business-woman come Yoga Instructor, Melbourne, Australia.


‘Tamra has been wonderful for me and has been working with me for just under 12 months. During that time my life has changed a lot and the change has been all good thanks to Tamra . Due to Tamra’s influence I did some exciting things such as complete the Kokoda Trek in Papua New Guinea and do public speaking at Toastmasters. Perhaps my greatest achievement has been in the way I now see myself. Throughout my life I have suffered from a poor self image but Tamra made me realise I am just perfect the way I am. Really all that matters is that I love myself and then other people will love me as well. As a result of me feeling good, my personal relationships have gone to a new level. I am really enjoying the present and I truly believe my future is going to be fantastic. Thank you very much Tamra for all your help, the sky is the limit.’

– Graeme Forbes, 56-year-old, country Victoria, Australia.


‘My name is Daniel and I suffered from depression from my late teens. Realising something wasn’t quite right I started searching for answers. A friend of mine suggested that I talk to Tamra after he’d noticed her new book in the store. I didn’t waste any time. I was eager to get things underway. I have to admit going into my ten sessions with Tamra my mindset was somewhat sceptical after having countless sessions with psychologists, hypnotherapists, kinesiologists, and acupuncturists which gave me little or short term relief from my tainted state of mind.

My objective over the ten sessions was to unlock past beliefs that were holding me back from being the best person I could be. Having never been in a relationship of any substance it was something I focused on constantly and wanted more than anything. There were some tough sessions to get through in our 3-4 month period but it has certainly paid off now. Right towards the end of my sessions things just started to click. I felt confident, self assured and I was back on the dating scene literally within weeks.

I’m 35 now and over the years I’ve read an endless amount of self help books, seen a wide variety of therapists and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars with little or no result. However after my sessions with Tamra I finally feel confident I can lead a happy life without slipping back into my old thought patterns.’

– Daniel, chef, Melbourne, Australia.


‘When I first started working with Tamra I was unemployed and had no real clarity and direction with my future. Tamra’s support gave me the confidence to take action on my bigger dreams. I am now earning over a thousand dollars a week in a job I love being at every day, as well as continuing to grow my business at a pace exceeding my expectations. Words cannot describe the difference I feel now.’

– Peter Jackson, 34-years old, Sydney, Australia.


‘After a long and eventful 5 months of sessions with Tamra I can surely say my perspective on life has changed for the better. I first came to see Tamra in what I thought was a difficult time in my life, but in only the first visit my view point was completely turned around. I left the first meeting quite excited about things to come. Over the next six months Tamra helped me to reflect on things before reacting and I believe my life is better for it. This is only the tip of the lessons I have learnt so I would highly recommend her service to anyone looking for a life coach.’

– Christian Lonzi, Real Estate Agent, Melbourne, Australia.


‘Reading Tamra’s book, The Upside of Down, led me to embark on the 5-month One-on-One Intensive   What a journey! I have struggled with depression and anxiety since early childhood, exponentially worsening through adolescence and adulthood. I was at one of my lowest points when I contacted Tamra, but I knew I couldn’t continue full of negativity and feeling hopeless about myself and the world.  Thanks to Tamra I have been able to turn a corner and believe in myself again, start to make positive plans for the future and take the action steps necessary to make my goals a reality. And if further proof is needed of the mind-body connection, the same month I decided to take the positive step of contacting Tamra, my husband and I became pregnant after 20 months of trying.

I appreciated Tamra’s holistic approach to health, and the sessions’ focus on the future I want and what I can do today to make that happen. I was sceptical at first, but releasing our old negative limiting beliefs makes such a difference.  Now I look forward to becoming a first time mum in early 2011 and a small business owner later in the year. Thank you so much Tamra for your inspiration and guidance.’

– Natasha C-B, Ex-IT worker, and future small business owner/manager, Brisbane, Australia.


‘I started my journey with Tamra after reading a tiny article in the newspaper about her new book which for some strange reason drew my attention. I totally related to it and couldn’t put it down, “What a book”. Then there was the do I or don’t I question, of getting sessions with her. This again, was totally out of character for me but something inside of me told me to keep going. Well today I honestly can say she saved me from just living my life, getting no where and being depressed, into someone who is confident, knows what he wants and won’t stop until he gets it and most importantly is “HAPPY”. Tamra is a good listener, motivator and makes you feel comfortable to be around. I openly tell people about my experience with her and will continue to have sessions in the future. One word to describe her “fantastic”.’

-Rob McGaffin, Electrician, Melbourne, Australia.


‘I started sessions with Tamra because I needed some help to move out of a negative space and effect positive change in my life. Within a few months I have been able to make those changes and hardly recognise the person I was. Tamra taught me practical ways to work through issues efficiently without spending hours rehashing old news. Her methods worked by helping me to focus on what’s important and to do what it takes to reach my goals.’

– Pippa James, Melbourne, Australia.


‘Before I started working with Tamra I was unhappy with the image that I had of myself and I seemed to go off balance in my life because I felt overwhelmed with all the projects on my plate. I was attracted to working with Tamra because she’s one of those women who seemed to get all the most important things done and she had this sense of tenacity and grace about her that I admired. She helped me believe in my strengths that I could not always see, and helped me plan more fun in my life so I could get my projects done. Completing things off my ‘To Do’ list gave me a huge confidence boost because I’d had the same project on there for a long time but for some reason kept sabotaging the progress. One huge limiting belief I had was that I was responsible for looking after my family and that always made me feel guilty about investing in myself. Tamra was able to shift that belief in just one conversation and for that I will always be grateful because it’s made such a huge difference in my life – I’m more relaxed and happier than I’ve ever been. Most importantly Tamra will never let you give up on yourself and the goals you set yourself and she’s an amazing role model that I’ve had the pleasure of working with! Thanks soo much Tamra!!’

– Nadhira Razack, Life Coach, Melbourne, Australia.


‘A special thanks to Tamra for being able to help me understand my anxiety attacks and for giving me the right tools to choose, so I am now in a position to achieve and do things that I want to and to enjoy my life. Anxiety no longer holds me back.’

– Glenn Knott, Golf instructor, Sydney, Australia.


‘Late in 2009 I had been diagnosed with clinical depression and advised to take antidepressants. This was not a prognosis I was comfortable with and late one evening I stumbled across an article written by Tamra Mercieca. As I read about her experiences with depression and how she successfully overcame it using a natural approach I was desperate to learn more so I ordered her bookThe Upside of Down. This became my inspiration to follow in her footsteps and the motivation and courage to find greater self belief.
Early in 2010 against Doctors advice I ceased taking any medication and was ready to confront the depression head on, applying all the information and advice I possibly could from Tamra’s book.This was extremely scary and confronting but a challenge I knew I had to take on to get to the root of what had caused my depression.

Coupled with using the book as guidance and seeing a pyschologist, I also decided to enrol in Tamra’s One-on-one Intensive which was a huge support and motivator to help my road to recovery. I had no hesitation in placing my trust in the different methods, techniques and belief used in her sessions. Her calm, professional and experienced approach was evident throughout every session and whilst the 5 month program was no picnic, I emerged a more confident person with my own personal toolkit to tackle life’s challenges to remain the “upside of down”!

Now, late in 2010 I am still working hard to find that place of total peace but I certainly am a lot closer than in previous months thanks to the support and guidance of Tamra, a loving family and my own desire to beat the terrible illness that is depression. I now run every day, meditate, take time for me and most importantly see the little joys in life as big ones!’

– Michelle Sutherland, South Australia.


‘I have been genuinely assisted by Tamra’s program to bring my dream of being a writer into being, instead of it remaining “some time in the future” as a disappointment unrealised. Tamra is committed to assist others, caring and skilled. I would recommend her work highly. Through the sessions I identified and defused beliefs such as “I am not good enough” and other emotional baggage which has stopped me following through. I have done a lot of therapy over the years, trained in therapeutic approaches and also counselled others in my profession. What is great about the One-on-One Intensive and where it goes further, is to focus on taking action on personal goals and use specific techniques to challenge and lift underlying negative beliefs learned as a child which have been limiting “who you think you can be.” This is very powerful and for me has meant shifts at a deep level.

I was going through a “rough patch” early last year, increasingly anxious and depressed and unable to sleep, due to some life issues. Since seeing Tamra’s book in a store and buying it, I have had 11 sessions with her. Along the way I felt challenged and made progress in daily life in moving outside my comfort zone with my “homeplay; feel far more confident and clear about my goals and taken significant actions on my goals; and am having more fun generally. I look forward to the continuing journey! Thanks again Tamra, I am truly grateful.’

– Helen, 62-years-old, Western Australia.


‘Tamra’s been helping me keep on track this year whenever I get distracted by the unimportant things, which is often, so she’s been invaluable. I count my lucky stars everytime I think of the day I responded to her advertisement.
Thanks for everything lovely.’

– Natasha Tay, Yoga Instructor, Melbourne, Australia. 


‘I look back on my first session with Tamra nine months ago, and think about how I felt about myself at this particular time. I could not look at myself in the mirror without thinking anything but negative thoughts about every aspect of my life. I felt like I had no true purpose in life, no goals, absolutely no confidence about me inside and out, and most of all how experiences and situations in my life had affected me that emotionally I could not talk to pretty much anyone about.

In the last few months I have found a shift in me, for the better. Tamra has taught me that I should be proud of the person I am, that there is nothing in this life that I can not do, that if I put my mind to something I can make anything of it. These things I guess I knew all along however without Tamra’s help I don’t know if I would be the happier person I am today. She has guided me in ways that I never thought were possible and she has taught me that the important thing in life is not to be bitter over life’s disappointments. And to recognise that every day wont be sunny but can be if you make it.There have been times where I have felt lost and Tamra has assisted me with ways to pull myself back out and lead me back. I was always scared and not confident to try new things or to confront a certain situation but now I find myself coming to the realisation that the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare me the most.

I am so grateful and thankful for everything Tamra has done for me. I would recommend her to anyone because there are no words in this world to explain what she has done for me as a person. I now feel like there is nothing in this life that I can’t have and everything I have wished for can come true. Most of all I am thankful for Tamra teaching me that life is long and can take you anywhere and in the end the journey is the destination.’

– Alicia Anderson, Melbourne, Australia.


‘Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and a good teacher, you made me WANT to believe in myself and I think that is what pushed me to keep striving for what I wanted. I still take the time every now and then to reflect on things that you taught me; about self confidence and better decision making as well as positive thinking. Even though my time with you was very short, I believe it’s all happened for a good reason, and you gave me more than enough ammunition to keep shooting through life and now I am here. So, thanks.’

– Travel agent, Melbourne, Australia.