How much ‘ease’ do you have in your life?

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We talk about happiness, fulfillment and love as being great things to strive for in life.

Perhaps it’s the big house with the even bigger swimming pool or that job promotion that comes with a hefty paycheck or even that hot guy we’ve been eyeing up in the elevator.

They all seem like great things to work towards. Yet not many of us think about having more ease in our lives.


It sounds so, well….

When was the last time you felt ease?

Not many people today are familiar with this feeling of ease; so let me explain it to you.

Ease means being in the flow, being calm and relaxed, being present and connected to your life and your purpose.

It means being carefree and alive without needing to subscribe to the hustle and bustle of daily life.

You see, when you don’t live in a state of ease, you get sick.

It might be a mental illness such as anxiety or stress or depression or it may be a physical illness such as cancer, diabetes or heart issues.

Society has labeled these things as ‘disease’.

Interesting that: dis-ease.

That spells it out for you.

When the body is not in a state of ease it gets sick.

It is a disease.

We live in a very masculine world where we’re taught that in order to get ahead we need to do a lot.

That’s how we achieve.

Now while we certainly need to do stuff, we need to do it in a calm and relaxed manner.

Stressing out about deadlines, being under the pump to meet budget and deliver the goods puts pressures on us that takes away from our ability to live in this blissful state of ease.

If you’re someone who chases your tail all the time, never getting through your constantly growing ‘to-do’ list, then your body is in a state of dis-ease.

This is not a healthy way to live your life.

And over time it will take its toll.

When our body is go go go it produces adrenalin.

Now adrenalin is there to help us escape that big scary bear, it’s not meant to fuel us through life.

If you’re running on adrenalin, your body is in a constant state of stress and is more prone to illness.

That’s why when people – who work non-stop – finally take a break, get sick.

So ask yourself these questions:

What does ease look like for me?

How can I have more ease in my life?

And what do I have to gain from making ease a priority?

I invite you to take one small step today to create more ease.

Even if it’s just turning off the mobile for an hour, going for a relaxing walk amidst a busy day, or cancelling that appointment.

Give yourself permission to experience more ease.

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