Are you having a nervous break ‘down’ or break ‘through’?

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When was the last time you lost your sh*t?

Had a go at a lover or work colleague, spewed out some toxic emotions or simply thought: ‘Life’s too hard’?

Well I’ve been there, plenty of times.

As you’ll read in this week’s Take 5 magazine, I was one of those people ready to end it all, because I just couldn’t get out of my self-built prison.

Yet it was during this nervous breakdown that I learnt my greatest lessons about life.

The depression had come for a reason.

To show me that I wasn’t getting enough sleep, I wasn’t eating the tights foods, I wasn’t dating the right guy, I wasn’t speaking my truth.

The list of ‘I wasn’ts’ could fill this entire page!

Yet I needed to have this major breakdown to rock me into action.

Positive action.

Positive changes that lead to a breaththrough.

In today’s world we’re taught that if we experience anxiety or some other negative emotion, that it’s bad.

If we lose our sh*t from time to time, we’re seen as ‘crazy’ or someone who can’t control their emotions.

Not many people stop to consider how this breakdown is actually there to show us that something in our life isn’t quite right.

That we’re not being true to ourself in some way.

Whether it’s a breakdown in communication with a loved one or work colleague, a life threatening illness or emotional turmoil sparked by some stressful life issue, it is these times that nearly rip us apart that offer us the greatest insight into ourselves and what’s needed for us to be at our happiest and healthiest.

What I’ve found is the bigger the breakdown, the bigger the transformation.

Now when something upsets me, I get excited.

With any nervous breakdown comes a breakthrough, if you’re willing to explore the reasons for your breakdown.

Breakdowns are only breakthrough’s if you really take the time, alone or with a therapist, to investigate what caused the breakdown.

If you’re willing to go there, the insights and transformation will be well worth the journey.

If you’re experiencing a nervous breakdown or simply want to learn how to overcome unruly negative emotions or anxiety, enroll in our Remarkable Relationships 3-month online course to learn the skills required to turn breakdowns in breakthroughs.

If you’re struggling with depression, please read my book ‘The Upside of Down’ or email me to learn how you can overcome the black dog.

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