Never Alone: Guide to Overcoming loneliness

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How well do you spend time alone?

Think about that for a moment, because learning how to love your own company is a powerful feat.

Spending time alone can be unnerving at first, but learning to be happy in your own company is one of the most valuable pursuits.

Solitary time allows you to have a love affair with your own soul and fall in love with your life instead of relying on others to make you happy.

Solitude can be frightening when first cast upon us.

Once you take away the obvious layers of distraction, being alone can leave you feeling empty and bare.

The silence that was once taken for granted centuries ago feels abnormal in modern times.

Getting in touch with yourself may not have ta glamorous edge, but it possesses a restorative power that few realise.

It is in these times of aloneness that you can find out who you really are; what music rocks your world, what clothes make you feel beautiful and what hobbies put the colour in your checks.

Overcoming loneliness requires you to fall in love with yourself.

Once you master this self-love it is impossible to feel lonely.

Start experimenting with solitude by soaking up little chunks of alone time. It might be a quiet walk, reading a book or doing yoga.

Find out what makes you happy alone.

Instead of feeling lonely and empty, constructive solitude, spent doing what you love, will begin to fill you up.

When you think about it, you are never really alone.

You always have yourself.

And loving being with you is one of the most powerful realisations you can have!

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