Ep.16 Womb Care 101: Why tampons are not self-loving.

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Did you know that prior to menopause a woman’s womb cleanses itself once a month? You may know this as a woman’s ‘period’. Problem is, most of us ladies have learnt to adopt habits and behaviours that get in the way of this all-important ‘womb cleanse’. And when a womb doesn’t get the chance to cleanse itself regularly, we create … Read More

The spiritual power of menstruation

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Let me start by saying… Menstruation is not a curse. Menstruation is not a royal pain in the backside, or an inconvenient interruption to our life. Menstruation is our wise-time. A time for rest, radical self-care, inner reflection and deep healing. Menstruation is the one time every month we’re given the opportunity to go inside, uncover the ‘stuff’ that’s no … Read More

Natural contraception: Know thy cycle, know thyself.

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If you’re a heterosexual couple of childbearing age you’ve got to deal with the fantasy-crushing subject of birth control. There are certainly a lot of options and devices out there, but not many of them are good for your health. I won’t go into all the scientific links between the Contraceptive Pill and breast cancer here (you can read more … Read More