Who’s writing the script for your life? Can you honestly say you are the star, the director, the producer and the scriptwriter?

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So what do you think of your life so far? Can you honestly say you are 100% successful in all areas of your life – career, finances, health, relationships, emotions and spirituality? Like a stage show there are parts you’ll like and others you won’t. Do you find others are dictating to you what the script should be? Do you feel life generally is writing the script for you?

A play is written against a backdrop of external events, but the plot is created by the writer. It’s the same in real life. You may not have control over every event that affects your life, but you do have control over how you respond to them. Therefore, no matter what is going on around you, you have the power to write your own script.

Realise that the show has only one performance, and who knows how long it last. That’s why it’s time to focus on the person inside you, more than the world around you. When you work with one of our Naked Therapists they will help you script your life and ensure it is YOU who is putting pen to paper, and not the hand of someone else. You will quickly discover your core passions and what’s needed to start living a happy and fulfilling life.

relationships-communicationWhat can I expect from one-on-one sessions? Our sessions are not typical therapy/counselling/coaching sessions. We will not spend much time talking about the ‘story’, instead getting straight to the root cause of the story, so it no longer affects you in a negative way. While we will be stripping off a lot of mental gunk at a rapid rate, the sessions are warm and full of fun and laughter. Who said therapy had to be hard work?

How will it run? We will have ten fortnightly one-hour sessions over five months (via telephone), during which time we will set a goal specific to the area causing you the most pain. Our time together will be spent clearing the personal barriers and limiting beliefs standing in your way, as well as working through any negative emotions that are yet to be resolved. You will have email access to your therapist during your time together, to ensure you get the support needed to make the necessary change. Provided you complete your ‘homeplay’ you WILL achieve the results you’re after.

While your thoughts do influence your actions and behaviours – you are NOT your thoughts. When you learn to rise above your thoughts and connect with your true self, then you’re free to enjoy more happiness, more ease and more pleasure.

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Life flows naturally when you are following your life script.