A New Year’s Meditation for YOU!

My gift to you!!

We’re on the verge of entering a New Year, and while I believe every moment is a moment to take a new path and create magic in our lives…

…as we enter a new year, people tend to be, perhaps, a little more willing to reflect on the year that has passed, so they can take some positive steps in the year ahead.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last decade or so, it’s this…

If you want life to be different, then you need to do something different.

Something radically different.

So if 2021 wasn’t roses and cream for you, then in order to make 2022 more vibrantly magical, then here’s the key…

Firstly, get clear – like ridiculously clear – about ‘what’ you want to create in 2022.

Then… and only then…

Start to journal, meditate on and/or visualise what that life would would feel like, if it were happening right now!

And to help you with this second step, I’d like to offer you a little New Year’s meditation to help you inspire more magic into 2022.

To download the Script Your Life meditation for free, simply click here.

This is the first meditation I share in my Remarkable Relationships course, once my students have got clear on what they want to create during our time together.

Then we use this meditation to breathe life into that goal or dream.

For in order to manifest, we need to 1) Get clear on what we want to manifest, and 2) Start feeling into the life you wish to manifest.

Yes, there are other steps to becoming a manifestation Queen…

Like, clearing the blocks (or limiting beliefs) in the way, and un-attaching from needing that dream… (all things I go into depth on inside the Remarkable Relationships course)…

But if you take the time to set your 2022 intentions, getting super clear on what you wish to create, and then use this free meditation – daily if possible – you’ll start to feel different, and with that new feeling, will start to attract in the ideas, people, paths and opportunities you need to allow that dream to become your reality.

To download your meditation, go here.

Due to a number of other projects, I won’t be running the Remarkable Relationships course in 2022, but it if this course speaks to you, feel free to reach out to me and I can add you to the wait list if I am able to run a smaller group through.

Remarkable Relationships is where I teach people how to heal their conditioning, wounds and traumas so they can live happily right now!

You can read more here.

In the meantime… let this meditation help guide you on how to shine brighter in 2022.

For you my sweet are so very worth it!

Big love,

Tamra xx