Naked training on becoming a Naked Therapist

This course is not currently being offered. However, I do have plans to run a revamped version of this course in the future, that teaches people how to take the skills I have developed into their own business to help people heal themselves. If you’re interested in this offering, please email to express your interest.

Twelve-months to share The Naked Way with the world:

  • Become a phenomenal therapist and healer
  • Learn how to grow through your interactions with others
  • Get clear on your life purpose
  • Gain the know-how to help others achieve their desires
  • Know how to market yourself and your business
  • Play with Tamra in business!

Have you grown through personal challenge? Are you looking for a job that gives you purpose, helps others and most importantly, is fun? If you love getting naked (mentally mostly!) and want to continue your own growth while helping others create their true desires, then you’ll love being a Naked Therapist.

Tamra created Naked Therapy after oodles of training in various modalities, personal experience and insight and using herself as a guinea pig, in order to find a formula to help people achieve happiness in all areas of their life. It was after realising that there weren’t enough hours in the day to help everyone who came to her, that she decided to share her methods and formula with others, so they too, could help others break through their unique barriers. Hence the Naked Therapy training was born.

When you become a Naked Therapist you step into a new way of being where life becomes your playground. When you’re not conducting sessions with your clients, you’re out sharing the love with others, and living a life that is full of love, beauty and balance. Because everyone’s story is different, Tamra encourages you to niche in an area that you are passionate about and to pursue a range of opportunities that will ensure you are continually growing so you have more to offer yourself and your clients.

manifesting-subconscious-desiresWhat’s included in the course? 24 weekly training sessions (each 1-2 hours long), one-on-one sessions with Tamra (number decided based on previous experience with Tamra and individual package decided upon) with PDF’s of each session, Naked Therapy handbook, personalised worksheets for you and your client, LOTS of one-on-one time with Tamra (including face-to-face hang out time) to craft your business and develop and your skills to the highest standards.

During this training you will be required to read 12 books, take five clients through ten fortnightly sessions, and complete ALL homeplay. You will need to allow at least 12 hours a week to complete all tasks required to complete your assessments and gain Naked Therapy accreditation, so you can start to share your message with the world. By the end of the course, should you apply all of the learnings, you will have paying clients and a basic business set up.

As much as you will be learning how to help clear other people’s blocks, you will experience immense personal growth and need to be open to experiencing discomfort as you are pushed out of your comfort zone. Naked Therapy involves the therapist being willing to get naked on a range of topics with their clients, in order to help create the desired change. Vulnerability and being willing to look at your own insecurities and issues is key to being a Naked Therapist.

Entry into this training is via application only. You MUST be committed and you MUST have completed the Remarkable Relationships tele course before applying, as the work builds on what you will have already learned and it’s essential you have seen your own transformations through our methods. If you’d like to submit an application or find out more, please email Tamra direct:

Where: This course, like the other tele courses, are done via tele seminar, so all you need is a phone. At times you will be required to have a computer with Internet available for training sessions.

When: Currently this course is being run as a one-on-one training program. Therefore, if you are successful in your application, training can begin once you’ve completed the Remarkable Relationships course.

If you live through defeat, you’re not defeated. If you are beaten but acquire wisdom, you have won. Lose yourself to improve yourself.  Only when we shed all self-definition do we find who we really are.

This intensive is not about creating a bunch of Tamra Mercieca clones, its about empowering you to connect with your own true self and expand who you are at your core so you can share with the world your beautiful gift. Warning: You will be getting VERY naked over this twelve month journey, your fears and old wounds will surface to be healed and you as a budding Naked Therapist will be expected to face them heart-on!