I’m so happy you decided to take the time to listen to this 18-minute training audio. For what I share will give you the answers to why you may not be experiencing the life you ideally want, and what’s needed to turn that around, so you clean up your life once and for all; so you can truly Love Your Life!

Of course, to get the most out of this training audio it’s super important that you’re 100% present! So please take a moment to turn your phone on silent, put aside any distractions, let your house-mates know you’ll be busy for the next 18-or-so minutes, get out a pen and paper and take a moment to simply breathe…

*Please don’t listen to this audio this while driving, as you will be required to close your eyes!

Once you feel ready to open your mind to the world of possibilities and essentially heal your own life, press play on the audio below. If you listen to the Love Your Life training right to the end and apply what I share, I promise it will serve you well!

The only thing separating you from the person who has everything you want, is your beliefs. Change your beliefs and you change your life. So are you ready to start changing your beliefs? Do you want to learn how to change your beliefs?

Then I’d love to teach your how, as part of my 3-month online program. I created the course Remarkable Relationships so that every person could learn the skills to transform their life, themself. For changing our subconscious programming – our beliefs – really is a life skill, that unfortunately we do not get taught at school.

In this course you will work through series of audio lessons, giving you the skills to change beliefs quickly and easily, and the best bit is, I will be there holding your hand. You get 2 one-on-one sessions with me and unlimited email support with me over the 3-months that we will journey together. To view all the details of the course simply click here.

The next course starts in May 2018, and to help make it more affordable, until the end of this month (September 2017) I am offering an extended reduced price payment plan of just $199 per month for 10 months, to make it more affordable. I made a commitment this year, to find a way to make all that I offer more reachable for people in difficult financial situations, because I know when people apply what I teach, they get results.

There are only 12 spots available, and for those who sign up this month, you will get immediate access to the Self-Love Meditation I created so you can start loosening those beliefs, before we begin school in May. If you’re feeling stuck, blocked, have tried a million different things and still can’t get things to shift, this course will help you get the breakthroughs you so deserve!

Until then, live fully, laugh often and love with all of your heart!

Tamra xx

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