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Starting your Jade Egg practice can bring up a LOT of questions. Hence why I’ve put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to get you on your way. Should you need more information, please email us to book in some mentoring to help you sink into your Jade Egg practice.

I can’t find unwaxed dental floss. Can I use something else?

All of our Jade Eggs have a drilled hole at the small end in which to thread unwaxed dental floss for easy retrieval and so you can do resistance work with the egg inside. Most chemists and supermarkets do not stock unwaxed dental floss, so you will need to purchase it online. You don’t want to use waxed dental floss as the chemicals that coat the floss can upset the vagina’s internal flora.

You can use fishing line or a natural (non-coloured) cotton as well. But our number on suggestion is unwaxed dental floss.

What happens if the egg gets stuck inside? 

Firstly, that’s why we attach a piece of unwaxed dental floss. And secondly, if for some reason the string did come off, or you inserted it without the floss – which is a common practice – it can’t get lost. It’s impossible for it to go past the cervix. Even for women who have had a hysterectomy and had the cervix removed, the doctors sew up the vagina so that it’s closed at the top – there is absolutely no way anything can get lost inside. For women who have had this kind of operation, you want to be using the egg because you need to prevent prolapse from having ‘extra space’ in your pelvis.

So now that we know it can’t get lost under any circumstances, if you do find you can’t get it out, my first bit of advice is: DON’T stress. Simply approach it in a calm manner, get yourself into a squat position, like you’re about to lay an egg, and bear down as if you were going to have a bowel movement, and it will fall right on out. Just make sure you’re ready to catch it, or you have something soft for it to land on. A good belly laugh or coughing will also help the egg move out. Many people do use the egg without the string, which by all means give it go once you develop more vaginal control.

After leaving the egg in for a while it just falls out. Why is this?

Imagine holding a heavy box for a couple of hours. Eventually your arms would give way. The egg is not different. It takes a lot of internal muscle strength to hold the egg inside. Once your vaginal muscles have had enough, the egg will push itself out. Do NOT feel down about this. This is a sign that your vagina has done what it needed to and now needs a rest.

Do NOT push the egg back inside, as you run the risk of fatiguing your muscles which can lead to pain. It’s just like a gym workout. If you push yourself too much, you’ll be left with sore muscles, and the Jade Egg practice is no different. While it may not feel like you’re doing a lot, just wearing the egg inside is working a whole hammock of muscles.

My vaginal muscles are so weak I can’t hold the egg in. What should I do?

Firstly know that this is completely normal, so it’s nothing to be worried about. Start with a lying down practice where you imagine your vagina squeezing the egg. Even if the vagina doesn’t physically move, imagining and focusing your energy on squeezing will help build the neural pathways needed for the vagina to gain the strength needed to do the squeeze. You can also sleep with the egg inside as your vagina will play with it while you sleep.

I cannot feel my egg. Is there something wrong with me? 

No. This is completely normal. In fact, the Jade Egg is not meant to be ‘felt’. Imagine feeling a tampon all the time – it’d be quite annoying! The purpose of the egg is to help you develop your awareness, sensitivity and dexterity. We have an infinite resource of bliss within us, and the Jade Egg is there to help awaken us to that immense pleasure.

It’s much like wine. To an untrained nose, a wine will smell like any other. Yet to a trained nose, each wine will have a distinct bouquet of scents. This is true for any of our senses. It’s simply a case of waking them up so they can feel more. This is why I suggest staying away from vibrators, which actually dull the senses.

Should I use the Jade Egg when I’m menstruating? 

My answer is always: I don’t know, should you? Me personally, I prefer not too. But everyone’s different. If you’re drawn to use the egg when you’re bleeding, by all means do. It really is a personal choice. To my knowledge there are no risks in using the Jade Egg during your period. My only suggestion would be, don’t leave it in for more than a few hours, so the blood can easily exit your body. It’s really important in not just the Jade Egg practice, but in life in general, that you really do start to trust your intuition – your inner knowing – as you always know what’s best for you.

I’m pregnant. Is it safe to use the Jade Egg? 

 For anyone who is pregnant – although the Jade Egg practices are generally very safe, it is best to consult your doctor before starting. In most cases it will be fine and will actually help your pregnancy and train your vagina to give birth, however, pregnant women are often advised not to start doing something so intense if they haven’t been doing it before they got pregnant, or if they have a vaginal or bladder infection.

Why a ‘jade’ egg and not some other stone?

If you look back at the ancient traditions – so 5000 years ago in China – where the vaginal egg practice was first developed, the ancient Chinese used a Jade Egg because jade was considered a health, wealth and longevity stone that increases courage, wisdom, emotional balance, stamina, love, humility, generosity, peace, and harmony.

Jade has really beautiful healing properties that help draw impurities and trauma from the vaginal tissue. Tamra (Getting Naked’s founder) actually used the Jade Egg to help completely heal herself of cervical issues when she received an abnormal pap smear result and was diagnosed as being the stage before cancer. *Please note Tamra also did extensive mental clearings, like we teach in the Remarkable Relationships course, as part of this process.

I’ve heard of people using a rose quartz. What’s the difference?

Jade is a harder stone physically and somewhat softer stone energetically than rose quartz (it’s considered to have a gentle steady pulse of healing energy that helps rid women of negative thoughts and energy) in that if people start with a rose quartz egg it can be a little full on for them, hence why I encourage people to start with a Jade Egg and after a year or two of regular practice, then to move up to the rose quartz.

That said, the different crystals will affect everyone differently – and women should go with the stone they are drawn to, as everyone is at a different spot in their journey.

How do I know I am getting a good quality egg?

If you’re purchasing a Jade Egg make sure it is made out of nephrite jade, as other types of jade are porous and therefore not suitable for a vaginal practice as bacteria can seep into the stone. If you have not used an egg before, make you get one with a drilled hole in it, preferably at the top. Our Jade Eggs are sourced from a reputable company in China – the origin place of the Jade Egg. They are top quality nephrite jade.

What size egg should I use?

Despite all the marketing to encourage you to buy multiple sized eggs, you don’t need all these different eggs to reap the benefits; you only need to understand HOW to use the egg. That said, different sized eggs offer new challenges. Larger eggs are easier to feel but harder to hold because they have more weight. My suggestion is always, start with a medium size egg (our eggs are 4.4 by 3.1cm), and once you get a really good sense of the medium egg inside of you, then if you do want to explore a smaller or larger egg, please do. But sticking with one size really will gain you the benefits you’re after.

If you’d like to know more about the Jade Egg practice then you’ll love The Art of the Jade Egg playshop where Tamra gives you a deep insight in the practice and how to get the most out of your Jade Egg.