Beginner’s Eggsercises

IMG_3947edited smallYou’ve bought yourself a Jade Egg, now what do you do with it! That’s what I’ve created this page for: To give you some base tools to help get you started on your self-lovin’ journey with your gorgeous Jade Egg.

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OK, so first thing’s first. There is a LOT to learn about the Jade Egg, and for that reason, not only do I offer you some Beginner’s Eggsercises below, I have also create a whole new website so you can learn oodles about the Jade Egg and how to use it as part of a healing Yoga for the Vagina practice.

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I take you deep into the history of the Jade Egg and how to use it, as well as answering 42 of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

PLUS, I have even created a FREE Yoga for the Vagina Starter’s Sequence for you, which is essentially an expanded version of the Eggsercises below (there is 8 pages of delicious info and insight to help you deepen your practice!).

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It is STRONGLY advised you read the information on the Yoga for the Vagina website, before you start using your Jade Egg.

Now it’s time to get to learn how to incorporate the Jade Egg into your life so you can continue to develop your relationship with YOU! The Jade Egg practice really is one of the most beautiful self-love eggsercises you can do. While I encourage you to sleep with the egg inside and leave it in for a few hours during the day, a regular practice with specific eggsercises will open you up to even deeper delight and pleasure.

It’s important to understand that when using the Jade Egg the main purpose is to help you build a positive relationship with your vagina, and thus yourself. For that reason, practicing with the Jade Egg should be entered into from a place of love and calm relaxation, therefore the focus is as much on the being, as it is the doing. It is vital you take your time with each eggsercise, relaxing into it in a way that allows you to intimately connect with your body.

Your Yoga for the Vagina condensed Starter’s Sequence

Including your Jade Egg Beginner’s Eggsercises….

Preparing your Jade Egg for use:

Take one metre of unwaxed dental floss (you’ll need to order this online as supermarkets/chemists don’t stock it – you can purchase it from our online shop), thread through the hole and tie in a knot so that the knot is at the narrow end of the egg.

The Warm Up:

Take a minute or two to simply breath into your body, allowing yourself to connect in with you vagina. When you feel ready begin to massage your beautiful breasts. This will help you connect with your sensual self and open and lubricate the vagina. The kidney meridian – responsible for a woman’s sexual arousal – is in her breasts.

Move your hands down to your vulva (external genital region) and begin massaging your groin, vulva, inner thighs and perenium lovingly. Just like any exercise routine you need to warm up first!

Once you’re feeling ready, bring the egg to the vaginal opening. And with the big end start to form tiny circles with the egg, massaging it around the inner angle, until you find the right angle.

Allow the vagina to yawn open, and gently sip the egg inside.

Please note: Most women have lost the ability to sip things inside of them, hence in the full Yoga for the Vagina program I teach you specific techniques to develop the muscles so you can sip the egg in.

In the meantime, try sipping and if you can’t sip the Jade Egg in (don’t get down on yourself as this is normal when you start out), simply apply gentle pressure on the Jade Egg as you exhale your vagina open, and allow the Jade Egg to move inside.

Take a moment to smile into your heart and vagina, then simply move into these Jade eggsercises with love and heart-felt presence, remembering that with all eggsercises you want your squeezing to be gentle and your relaxing to be full.

Jade Egg Exercise 1: Pelvic LiftEggsercise 1: Lying in the Base Position (as per the image), bring your awareness to your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle – the muscle you squeeze to stop yourself from urinating. As you inhale for four slow counts, gently squeeze your PC (you would be squeezing your Jade Egg if it were inside of you), and as you exhale for four slow counts relax your PC. Continue to squeeze and release, inviting your vagina to really melt open on the exhalation. We hold a lot of unconscious tension in our vagina, and Vaginal Squeezes help us release everything that we are holding onto that is not serving us.

Jade Egg Exercise 2: Pelvic LiftEggsercise 2: From the Base Position, as you inhale and squeeze your vagina, leading from your tailbone, roll your hips up off the floor, one vertebra at a time, until your hips can’t go any further. As you exhale, release your vaginal squeeze and gently roll down through your spine with your sacrum and hips the last to touch down. Repeat 5 more times with conscious awareness.

jade-egg-spinal-flex-1jade-egg-spinal-flex-2Eggsercise 3: Kneeling on the floor, hands on thighs, spine tall and shoulders relaxed, inhale and squeeze your vagina as you flex forward, and exhale and release the squeeze as you flex back. Allow the movement to come from your pelvis, so you feel like you’re riding a camel! Repeat 60 times, flexing at your own womanly pace. Be careful with your neck, and simply look forward throughout the pose if you feel any discomfort at all. The flexibility of our spine is directly related to how youthful we feel and look, hence this is powerful pose in helping us maintain a healthy radiance.

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WARNING: If wearing the egg around during the day, don’t forget it’s in when you visit the toilet! Hold onto the string and urinate as usual. If the egg comes out that’s ok. It’s your body saying: ‘I’ve had enough for today.’

‘I am your Jade Egg and I am here to help awaken your sensual self from its deep slumber! With regular, loving practice, I will bring youthfulness, health, longevity, and hours of bliss in the bedchamber!’

Ok…. so if you’ve read this far on the page, chances are you want MORE Jade Egg love. And fair enough!

Make sure you get your Yoga for the Vagina Starter’s Sequence and play with that, and if you’d like to study and embody all the delicious benefits available to you through the use of the Jade Egg you may like to explore the full online Yoga for the Vagina series.

I created this online series for women to help them heal from sexual trauma and sexual health issues so they could enjoy deeper, more profound please in their body.

What’s included in the full series?

STACKS! You’ll get 18 full length Yoga for the Vagina sequences complete with 18 guided audio practices, 12 instructional videos, dozens of education sheets, more than 70 poses and eggsercises, as well as a series of Mini sequences for those busier days!

If you want to learn how to turn your Jade Egg practice into a deeply healing experience that creates shifts on all levels, then you will love what I have created in Yoga for the Vagina.

Until then, enjoy playing with your Jade Egg – let is share with you it’s gorgeous wisdom!