Great Sexpectation 9: I need toys to orgasm

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Toys can be fun!

There are stacks to choose from to add a little spice to your love life. I do, however, want to warn you about vibrators in particular.

With overuse vibrators can desensitize your special bits, making it more difficult for you to orgasm.

If you consider a tongue, finger or penis, it cannot go as hard and fast as a vibrator!

That’s why avid toy fans often have trouble orgasming with their partner.

So I’m not saying don’t use them; just use them in moderation. 

And if you find you have already desensitized your vagina – that’s ok, because you can reawaken the tissue.9-1-sh-toys

Gentle massage with a finger will help you start to feel again. The Jade Egg practice is perfect for waking up the tissue as well.

Now if you do like your toys, please make sure your toy box doesn’t contain anything with phthalates in them.

Phthalates are carcinogens.

You find them in those squishy, jellylike dildos – the really cheap ones.

They’re toxic!

They leech chemicals into one of the most absorptive place in our body.

If you have any toys like that, please throw them out.

Studies have even linked them to cancer.

What you want: are toys that are non porous, and made of materials such as silicon, glass or stainless steel.

Tomorrow you’ll find out why you can have sex before the big game!

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