Great Sexpectation 8: I need to use lubrication for vaginal sex

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Now you’ll notice I emphasise vaginal sex here, because you absolutely DO need lube for anal sex, as the anus is not self lubricating.

But when it comes to vaginal sex, you actually don’t.

A woman’s body is designed to self-lubricate if given the right stimulation.

So if your woman isn’t gushing wet, if she’s not begging you to enter her, then she’s not ready and you need slow down.

Perhaps spend some more time, playing with her breasts, and learn what she needs to get her juices flowing.

8-1-sh-lubeWe know a man’s aroused and ready when his penis is erect.

Well a woman’s barometer to her arousal is how wet she is.

Use these cues to know where your partner’s at.

You don’t want to enter her before she’s ready because not only might it hurt, you’ll create numbness and tension in the vaginal canal, which can inhibit orgasm.

For many women, the vaginal tissue may also need waking up.

There are glans in the vagina that are designed to secret liquid.

If they’re not working properly, gentle massage with a finger or using the Jade Egg can help get them going again.

Even women who are going through menopause can become juicy again, by using the Jade Egg regularly.

Next you’ll learn about the necessity of toys when I debunk Great Sexpectation 9.

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