Great Sexpectation 6: My partner is responsible for my orgasm

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It’s gotta be said: The only person responsible for your orgasm, is YOU!

Unlike flowers or chocolates, an orgasm can’t be given to you.

Orgasm comes from within – and while physical skill can certainly enhance orgasm, you learning how to circulate your sexual energy – and play with it – is what will deliver you the best orgasms.

The breath is just one tool you can use to circulate your sexual energy.

When we approach orgasm we tend to take more shallow breaths and this constricts the energy.

But if we start taking slow deep breathes, then we’re able to learn how to use the breath as a vehicle to transport the energy around the body.


Now most people have trouble circulating their energy like this because we’ve been taught to have a very busy mind.

And a busy mind keeps us in our heads.

To access our sexual energy we need to be in our body.

If you’d like to learn how to let go of the mental chatter and sink more into your body to enjoy those deeper sexual experiences, have a listen to my 45-minute playshop audio where I teach you how.

You’ll learn what’s needed to clear out the mental programming keeping you from experiences the deepest pleasures sex has to offer.

Tomorrow I’ll explain the truth about our libidos and how it’s simply NOT true that men have a higher libido than women.

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