Great Sexpectation 5: Sex is physical

which goes hand in hand with the sexpectation

Orgasm is the result of sexual stimulation of the genitals

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If you’ve heard my personal story you’ll know I started getting curious about sex, when I experienced an orgasm during a massage!

Upon researching how the hell it was possible to orgasm without any genital stimulation, I found that you could actually have an energetic orgasm.

An orgasm without any physical touch what-so-ever!

Lady Gaga was apparently having them and I wanted them too.

I continued my research finding a brain scan of a woman who had an energetic orgasm.

What doctors found, was that the pleasure centres activated in someone who used visualisation and breath to reach orgasm, and someone who reached orgasm via physical stimulation, were exactly the same.

This has since been proven by studies showing that even women with spinal chord injuries can experience orgasm.

So while the 10-minute-get-your-rocks-off-routine is fun, I highly recommend exploring the energetics of sex.5-1-sh-orgasm

That’s what’s going to deliver you those deeper, more satisfying orgasmic experiences.

You could be making love to your partner while they’re sitting across the room from you.

That’s what’s possible when you start to explore your sexual self in this way.

And this is where I take you in my Sexual Self course – into the energetics of sex and how to move that sexual energy around your body so you can experience multiple and full body energetic

My partner is responsible for my orgasm will be our next myth we debunk tomorrow.

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