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Hello new friend!

It’s lovely to connect with you.

Over the next 12 days I will share with you 12 of the Great Sexpectations that get in the way of us enjoying yummy, full body orgasmic experiences.

You’ll receive one Great Sexpectation per day, debunking some of the common myths about sex, that have led many people to experience mediocre sex that fails to truly satisfy.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you have a G-spot or how to overcome a premature ejaculation issue, then this is where those questions (and so many more) will be answered.

I look forward to helping awaken you to your sexual self and all the pleasure available to you.

Hearts and Kisses,


Tamra Mercieca

Relationship Therpaist, Author and founder of Getting Naked Pty Ltd.

Getting you connected with you Sexual Self.

Great Sexpectation 1: I can’t orgasm

or what is really common for many ladies

I can’t orgasm during intercourse

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If you’re not experiencing orgasms at all, or if your orgasms are not full body spiritual experiences like you’ve read in Tantric and Taoist texts, then don’t get down on yourself or your relationship.

Get educated.

Every person, regardless of age, sex, gender preference or physical make-up can experience not only full body orgasms that last for hours, but nipple-gasms and even energetic orgasms.

The biggest reason most women are not experiencing this kind of bliss in the bedroom, is because of a lack of self-education and self-exploration.

For many women, their vaginal canal is numb.

Sure they feel movement during sex, but they don’t necessarily feel pleasure, hence why they need external stimulation of the clitoris to reach a peak.

That is, if they’re experiencing orgasms at all!

This is where I introduce women to the Jade Egg practice.


You can train your vagina to sip the Jade Egg inside and once there do various exercises that wake up the vaginal tissue so that you can feel more pleasure – as well as gain vaginal dexterity so you can essentially play your partner’s penis like a flute!

Imagine your partner inside of you and neither of you are moving, and your vagina is massaging the penis into arousal.

Sounds sexy doesn’t it?

Once this tissue is active, that’s when a woman’s able to have deep vaginal orgasms, such as deep full body cervical orgasms and lovely multiple g-spot orgasms… which I’ll discuss when I debunk tomorrow’s Great Sexpectation: Not all women have a G-spot.