Conscious Couples

Naked insights on love, relationships and communication

This course is not currently being offered, but will at some point in the future. If you are interested in this course please register your interest to

Six weeks to step into a transparent relationship full of love and honesty:

  • Use conflicts as a tool for self-growth and understanding
  • Learn how to grow as a couple
  • Build deeper connections through vulnerability
  • And keep the passion and love alive long-term

Love, transparency and honest communication are the key ingredients of a happy and nourishing relationship – yet in today’s world, these basic fundamentals are often lacking. Instead we see struggles for control and the need to be ‘right’ cripple the people involved. Relationships don’t need to be this way. They can be beautiful and nurturing, if we choose to invest time and energy in making them that way.

Conscious couples are those who always feel confident speaking their truth in a loving way, while openly expressing their needs, emotions and fears, without concern of judgment or abandon. When you take part in this six-week relationship makeover, you will learn why transparency in relationships is paramount to allowing you to be your naked and authentic self, so you can enjoy a life of love and happiness.

Your partner is your greatest teacher – meaning they mirror all your inner issues so that you can see what needs to be resolved next. If you don’t know how to heal yourself of past wounds, conflict and negativity, positive outcomes remain elusive. Yet, when you learn how to use conflict as a tool for personal growth, arguments and spats become a playground from which you both flourish.

This course recognises that equality and vulnerability within a relationship is crucial to each person’s happiness and fulfillment in and out of the relationship. If you’re serious about making your relationship as healthy as possible – whether it’s two weeks old or 82 years old – then you’ll enjoy learning how to cook up a steaming hot relationship during this six-week program.

In order to participate in this course you must have already completed the Remarkable Relationships tele course as the Conscious Couples course builds on what you have learnt about developing your relationship with YOU. When you are able to see the reflections in your partner, you are able to deepen your self-love and hold your space within a relationship with someone else.

Course Dates:
Conscious Couples: Available in 2018. Dates yet to be announced.

Whereever tickles your fancy, so long as it’s a place where you won’t be disturbed. It’s virtual, so all you need is a phone.

$797. *Payments plans incur additional fees.

Enroll in both Remarkable Relationships and Conscious Couples for $2496 ($300 discount)