Welcome to I Love Me The Podcast

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Welcome to I Love Me The Podcast.

A place where you’ll receive simple, inspiring lessons, practices and teachings in self-love, so you can fall in love with you, and in doing so, fall in love with life.

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Hello gorgeous.

I’m Tamra Mercieca and I’ll be the one holding your hand, as we walk down Self-Love Lane, together.

For self-love is a journey.

A journey that allows us to learn how to love ourselves that little bit more each day.

So we can rise above the negative thinking patterns and difficult life circumstances we find ourselves in; so we can live more vibrantly, more expansively, and more authentically.

While I go by many labels – mumma, wife, tea lover, drummer, at my core… love professionally I’m known as a Self-Love Therapist, Writer and Women’s Pelvis Health Guide, qualified in over a dozen modalities.

I’m the author of two books, have been published in dozens of print and online publications, appeared on TV many times, and enjoy sharing the teachings of self-love at yoga and spirituality festivals.

When I realised, some 20-odd years ago, that: Self-love is the foundation upon which the rest of our lives are built…

…I was able to overcome suicidal depression, heal serious health issues, create a purposeful business that I love, attract in my gorgeous husband, and live a radiant, adventurous life with my family.

And on this podcast I’ll share personal stories about how I used self-love to do this, so you can do the same and create a life that feels delicious for YOU.

You see, when we stop trying to find love out there, and learn how to access the love within – when we’re able to let our heart lead – we’re able to project that strength and wholeness into all areas of life.

And this is the foundational teaching that underpins all my programs and books and offerings that I now share at my online school Getting Naked, which I’ve been running now since 2011.

Because let’s be honest.

Learning how to love ourself, at its core, is about getting naked.

It’s where we strip off the conditioning – the beliefs, the ideas, habits, addictions and ways of being that have kept us from accepting and loving our whole self.

Of course, knowing how to cultivate self-love, so we can deepen our relationship with ourself, isn’t always easy.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt through my own journey and helping thousands of others on their self-love path, it’s that small, regular steps are more transformative, than one grand gesture every now and then.

That’s why the episodes on I Love Me The Podcast will be short and sweet, offering you easy ways to weave self-care and loving practices into your life, in a way that feels good for you.

Let each episode guide you on a new way of being and doing life, and then apply those teachings directly to what’s going on for you right now.

For this is how we embody self-love.

And when you’re down on life and need a pick-me-up, peruse the list of episodes and find the one that calls to you the most, in that moment.

Then let the words of wisdom sooth you back into a more loving way of being with yourself.

Wherever you are on your self-love journey, I look forward to inspiring you to open into a deeper, more profound way of loving yourself.

A way of showing yourself heart-felt kindness and compassion, where you respect and honour yourself, and most importantly, where you offer yourself unconditional love and a big juicy hug in your darkest, most vulnerable moments.

May these teachings elevate you and help you align with who you truely are, so you can feel good.

For when we feel good about ourself, we treat others with more love and respect and this radiates out, into ALL of our relationships.

This is how, together, we can inspire a more loving, heart-led world.

Oscar Wilde once wrote: ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance.’

So if you’ve ever wondered how to tackle this whole self-love thing, amid all the busy distractions of being human, I invite you to subscribe to I Love Me The Podcast, now available on your favourite podcast platform… and let the teachings of self-love guide you home.

First episode lands February 7th 2024.

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2 Comments on “Welcome to I Love Me The Podcast”

  1. Hi Tamra,

    Thank you for gifting me, and the universe with your shares and guidances…

    I am so looking forward to listening to your podcasts!!!

    Much Peace and Joy to All,
    Cindy Nichols

    1. Thank you for your very kind words Cindy. It is my absolute pleasure to share this podcast with you, and I am very grateful to now have the time to dedicate myself fully to it, so that everyone can benefit from these teachings. Enjoy xxx

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