Coherence: What is it and why is it essential to our health?

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It’s a big word.

But what does it really mean?

I’ll get to that shortly, but just now, I’d like you to ponder some questions.

My recommendation is to take a moment to sit with each of them, maybe even journal on them, before reading on…

  • What emotions do you experience that drain you?
  • What emotions do you experience that uplift you?
  • Are you aware of what triggers these emotions?
  • What if you could learn how to use your negative emotions for good, and elevate your ability to experience more high vibe emotions?

Emotions are a part of life.

You know that, I know that.

And when we’re met with an experience that brings happy tears to our eyes, we are thankful for the gift of being able to feel.

In these moments, emotions are what make life so worthwhile.

Life becomes a living breathing experience, when we have emotions.

However, emotions can also be painful.

Emotional problems are among the most difficult to deal with, especially when there’s been trauma.

It’s not easy being human, we experience a lot of stressful situations in life, that trigger a whole raft of low vibe states.

Stress, anger, depression, anxiety, disappointment, fear, guilt; these emotions are a part of living in today’s world.

Many of us go through life stuck on an emotional loop, relying on external resources (you know, like alcohol, drugs, food, even television) that may make us feel better temporarily, but don’t heal the cause of our emotional problems.

So how do you manage these emotions and stop them from spiralling out of control?

You realise that you have absolute power over your emotions.

In fact, you can choose how you feel in any given moment.

Now this does take practise, and learning some tools to make that process easy.

But you can choose to enjoy more positive high vibe feeling; the types of emotions and feelings that renew you.

You don’t have to be ruled by emotions that deplete you.

That’s right, unlike the weather – which we really don’t have any control over – you do have control over your inner weather report.

And why is it important that you know this?

Because every time you make an emotional shift such as joy to sadness, anger to calm, love to anxiety or guilt to appreciation, at least 14-hundred biochemical changes happen inside of your body, immediately.

And these hormonal changes are not fleeting.

They affect your body for hours.

Depleting emotions release excess amounts of stress hormones into your system, like too much cortisol and adrenalin, negatively affecting your health.

Stress accumulates causing nervous system chaos, draining your energy.

On the hand, when we experience renewing emotions – like courage, kindness, appreciation and gratitude – our body produces regenerative hormones like the anti-aging hormone DHEA, and the love hormone oxytocin.

Emotions like joy, happiness, compassion and love increase our resilience.

They recharge our inner battery.

So in this way, you can start to see how our emotions, and which ones we spend large amounts of time in, play an important role in how we think and behave, which directly affects our health and longevity.


What is coherence and why is it essential to our health?

OK, so coherence is a healthy measurable state.

The term refers to cooperative alignment between our heart, mind and emotions.

In other words, all parts of ourself come into harmony.

We feel emotionally stable, calm and at ease.

And what’s great about being in a coherent state, is that because everything is communicating in a harmonious and energy efficient way, it regenerates us.

That’s why it’s so good for us.

Coherence directly contributes to:

  • Increased emotional balance
  • Mental stability
  • Access to our intuition

As well as improved mental functions, such as:

  • The ability to focus
  • Mental clarity
  • Better memory
  • Bigger picture thinking
  • Improved reaction times
  • Good co-ordination

Coherence is often activated when we experience regenerative uplighting emotions like those associated with the heart, such as love, care, kindness, appreciation and compassion.

I remember when my son flew out of my vagina into the birth pool and I scooped him up.

As I lay eyes on him for the first time, I was overwhelmed with the deepest feeling of unconditional love, stronger than anything I’d ever experienced.

New mothers often experience such high vibe feelings when they meet their newborn, and it’s these uplifting feelings that help do many functions, with one being to help the body recover from the birthing process.

For it’s no error that giving birth is like running a marathon!

Although, I would beg to say, it’s even more intense on the body (You can read my positive birth story here).

Whatever the case…

When we experience love, joy, compassion – any high vibe state like this – it puts the body into coherence.

And it doesn’t take big life moments to enter into this state.

Your partner holding your hand, watching a gorgeous sunset, or your cat purring on your lap.

These are all simple ways we can be moved into coherence.

But more than that, we can simply decide to enter into a positive, coherent state.

Now aside from wanting to be in coherence to feel calm and at ease and aligned, we want to be in coherence because it moves the body into healing mode.

You see, if you’re living in a constant state of fear, if you walk around feeling guilty for your actions and decisions, if you hold immense anger towards yourself or someone you know, then the body does the opposite.

It starts to degenerate.

Too much time spent in negative emotion – too much stored emotion that has nowhere to go, because it’s not being processed – is a ticking time bomb.

When people get diagnosed with a serious or life threatening illness, it didn’t just happen.

It was an accumulation of unfelt emotion, that clogged up the necessary workings of the body.

The body can’t survive for long periods of time out of coherence.

It needs coherence to activate our inner healing systems.

Now… what you may find super interesting, is that:

Coherence can actually be measured using technology that tracks the beat-to-beat changes in the rhythmic patterns of the heart.

So please be assured this term is just so woo-woo idea; it is a scientifically measurable state, with  researchers at the HeathMath Institute having done significant studies into this very topic.

When everything is synced to the heart beat; it’s a high performance state.

This is coherence.

We feel good.

When we come into coherence, our autonomic nervous system, which controls 90% of the bodies involuntary functions – hormones, immune response, our quality of sleep and digestion – all sync up.

This is why we not only feel good, but we’re healthier.

But more than keeping yourself healthy, if you’re able to easily access a coherent state, when challenges arise you can respond to those challenges in a way that allows you to see the solution and move through the problem with ease, as opposed to getting stuck in stress and anxiety, and making the problem worse.

In other words, knowing how to activate coherence makes life easier and better.

You have a much higher quality of life, when you’re able to spend the majority of your life in a coherent state.

Imagine walking into that board meeting and being able to feel coherent, regardless of what’s going on around you.

This is the core teaching in the Remarkable Relationships course.

I teach you one of the most powerful skills for coming into coherence.

And once you’re in a coherent state, you gain all of the benefits above, including access to your intuition.

You see, intuition isn’t something that some people have, and other’s don’t.

Intuition is an innate ability we ALL have.

It’s just that we need to know how to disengage from the chaos in the world, in order to access our intuition.

Intuition is near impossible to tap into if you’re out of coherence.

So if you’re ready to enter into a state of being in sync with yourself – into coherence – then Remarkable Relationships will guide you on the ‘how’.

Enrolment for this year’s intake closes Feb 22, so if you’re feeling called to change your inner weather report and tap into coherence, don’t wait.

This course is the only course I’ve seen that makes the journey of emotional stability and accessing your intuition not only easy, but super FUN!

Not sure if this is for you?

Take a moment to sit and ponder these questions:

  • Are you yearning for less resistance and more flow? Less anxiety and more calm? Less anger and more love?
  • What would your life – and your health – feel like, if you were able to stay in a more coherent state?

If your heart-of-hearts is craving more harmony, go here for all the details.

And please, leave a comment on your experience with coherence.

Do you already have tools and techniques you use to get into sync with yourself?

Are there times in your life when you’ve noticed that certain things move you into a more coherent state?

Please share them below, and let’s inspire each other into a more coherent way of living.

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