How to create change 101

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If you’re not happy with your life right now, or any part of it, then learning how to create change is what will help you start crafting your own personal love story.

Of course, change isn’t always easy and it’s not always comfortable either.

In fact, change is rarely comfortable.

The reason for this, is because in order to create change, you must leave the security of your comfort zone.

Staying in your comfort zone ensures you’ll keep getting the same results you always got.

Sure, there’s security in that, but there’s not usually a lot of happiness or fulfillment.

Happiness and fulfillment and a sense of inner peace, come from experiencing a life rich in love.

And for most people, they have been programmed against experiencing the kind of self-love and self-acceptance that creates a life rich in love, happiness, fulfillment, inner peace and a sense of deep heart-felt knowing.

Are you ready to create that change?

If so, then here’s the one thing you need to know about change, in order to allow it to fruit organically.

Any change that you generate must be achieved through letting go.

That means being willing to let go of the things you have taken on – mentally or physically – that are no longer serving you.

Attitudes, behaviours, limiting beliefs, habits, addictions, concepts, perceptions of who you are and what life is about, ideas that are keeping you stuck; these are the sorts of the things you need to be willing to let go of, in order to create change.

Learning to change is really about learning to let go.

For at your core – before you adopted all these ways of being that don’t serve you – you are naturally brilliant.

You are extremely powerful and intelligent and wise beyond what you can even imagine right now.

The reason you may not be experiencing that magnificence, is because you’re not allowing yourself to let go of the beliefs and images of yourself that have you thinking otherwise.

If you’re holding onto, pushing yourself, or forcing things to happen, however subtly, you’re working against yourself.

Constructive change comes through the process of letting go.

In letting go however, we’re not looking to become lazy or uncaring.

We’re simply looking to unattach from the ‘need’ to be or act a certain way.

Are you ready to let go?

Are you ready to create change?

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