I know all this stuff, why aren’t I getting results?

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Let me explain …..

You know all this self-help stuff.

You’ve read a ka-zillion books on how to win at life…

How to run a thriving business that nourishes you personally as much as it nourishes your bank account, how to snag the hot guy and keep him, how to loose weight and fall in love with your body, how to get rid of those negative thoughts that keep wiggling back into your head….

You know how to do all of those things, right?

Yet you’re not seeing the results.

There is a reason for this.

And that reason is this….

Knowing something and embodying something, are worlds apart.

Lets take ‘water’ as an example.

We all know how important it is to drink LOTS of water to flush out the toxins from our body so we can stay healthy, yeah?

Yet how many people drink enough water?

We all know going to bed early and getting eight hours of shut-eye will help us function properly, yeah?

But how many people do this?

We all know smoking is bad for our health, yet how many smokers refuse to give up?

I could go on and on and on….

People don’t get results because they don’t apply what the know.

Perhaps you read my blogs each week, and think ‘Yeah, that makes sense. I get that.’

But do you really ‘get it’ enough to actually benefit from it?

Until you apply what you learn, the information will remain just that, information.

Information does not create change.

It does not create results!

You need to apply that information, take it on as your own.

You need to embody all the great wisdom and insights you are privy to.

Action is where the magic is.

Only when you implement what you know, can you create the transformation you desire.

Life is highly practical.

That is why theorising and understanding spirituality on a mental level won’t take you anywhere.

You need to have a spiritual practice.

A practice that allows you to embody your life lessons.

Like I said: Knowing something and doing something are completely different.

And until you embody what you know, then you will continue to repeat the same negative patterns in life.

You can’t get fit by reading a book about it.

You need to move your body!

Same goes for spiritual fitness.

You can’t live a peaceful life full of ease and abundance, unless you practice connecting with yourself.

For that is what being spiritual is.

Connecting with who you truly are.

And who doesn’t want to be connecting with their inner voice – the inner voice that can guide you to live a happy and abundant life?

The gap between the theory and the knowledge and the practice of living a vibrantly alive existence, is HUGE.

So are you ready to turn your knowing into embodying?

Are you ready to start to experience the blissful way of being you’ve read about?

Are you ready to start getting the results you desire?

If your answer is an emphatic YES! then I invite you to come play with me for three-months as part of my Remarkable Relationships 3-month online course.


Because I will give you the practical tools and techniques needed for you to embody a full, happy life.

You already know what is available to you.

You see others getting the things they desire in life, so you know it possible.

If YOU are not experiencing what you desire in life, it’s because you have not yet learnt the skills to fully embody those learnings.

To apply what you know.

That is what my course is about – giving YOU those skills that will allow you to completely turn your life around.

To move from struggle, pain, fear and negative thinking patterns, into a peaceful way of living where everything you desire naturally materialises without you having to do much at all.

That is what it means to be spiritual: To be in the flow of life.

And who doesn’t want to be in the flow of life?

So if you’d like to come on a journey with me and learn how to fully embody a rich life – the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of having – then I can’t wait to share the tools with you in the next Remarkable Relationships course.

For all the details on how the course works and what’s included, take a peek at the Remarkable Relationships course info by clicking here. 

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