Life’s distractions: Do you get distracted easily?

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It’s easy to get distracted.

You log onto Facebook to update your profile, and before you know it three hours have passed, with you feeling a little ripped off.

What distracted you?

Other people.

Events, updates, photos, inspirational quotes….

Where did those three hours go?

And why do I feel so drained?

Facebook is just one example of how we can so easily get distracted in life.

I’m sure it’s happened to you in the shopping center.

You drop by to get some scissors for that project you’re working on, and you walk out with an armful of bags – filled with clothes you don’t need – and wonder where did the afternoon go?

All I needed was some scissors and I ended up shopping.

You got distracted.

We all get distracted from time to time, so what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that as a society we have become completely distracted from our one purpose in life.

What is that purpose?

To learn the art of self-love.

To fall in love with ourself.

I know it sounds crazy huh!

But finding your Prince Charming or scoring that dream job is not your purpose.

For even when you get those things you won’t feel happy if you haven’t fallen in love with yourself first.

Having self-love and self-acceptance is what fills us up; emotionally, spiritually…

And if you’ve never experienced the beauty of self-love, just take a moment now to imagine what life would be like if you had complete self-love.

How differently you would interact with others, how differently you would hold yourself, how differently you would think about yourself, how different your life in general would be because you knew that all you needed was within.

Yet we get distracted on that path to self-love.

We end up in crippling relationships, dead-end jobs, eating foods that poison us…

We end up spending our time doing things that take us away from self-love and into self-doubt.

Before we know it, life’s become a bit unstable and we feel stuck.

How did this happen?

We got distracted.

We got distracted from our path.

Our path to self-love.

We learn very early on in our life that goals, achievement and results are what matter most in life.

Yet have you ever sat down and considered why every time you achieve a milestone, get something you really wanted, or win some accolade, that the good feeling doesn’t stick around?

Because the only way to maintain feeling good, is to love yourself.

If you love yourself, none of those things matter anymore, and you feel good, just because.

And because you feel so good, life actually starts rewarding you with all the things you wanted anyway, and there’s no struggle involved.

Those things simply flow right on into your life.

Take time today to notice how many times you get distracted from a particular task.

Distracted by your email, your phone, a work colleague, your child, your food cravings, your gunky thinking patterns…

Once you’ve become aware of how you get distracted, then start to notice how you distract yourself from yourself.


We all have things we do that take us away from ourself; drinking, gambling, television, eating, socialising… all because we can’t bare to be alone…

Self-love isn’t found in any of those things.

In fact those kinds of activities take us away from self-love.

For only when we spend time with ourself – develop a spiritual practice where we can be with ourself 100% – can we begin the journey into self-love.

Can we do what we came to earth to do: Learn how to love ourself.

Life really is one big distraction!

So what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to let busy schedules and a penchant for fancy clothes get in the way of you loving you?

Or are you going to give up the distractions and start loving you?

And when are you going to do it?


If you decide you want to give up the distractions, I would love to help you clear the subconscious programming that is keeping you living a distracted life; keeping you from loving YOU!

For that is what I do.

I help people clear out the distractions.

Clear out the things that take us away from ourself.

For when you come home to yourself, and stay with yourself, only then can you experience love, peace and happiness.

If you’d like help in clearing out the limiting beliefs (personal barrier) keeping you from enjoying ht beauty of self-love, take a peek at my One-on-One Intensive.

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