Do you shy away from promoting yourself?

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People often get this yucky feeling when they hear the words: ‘sales’, ‘promotion’ or ‘marketing’.

Yet when we hear the word ‘success’ we all want a bit of it, yeah?

Problem is, to get success, you need to be comfortable with promoting or selling yourself – as I like to say ‘sharing’ all you have to offer.

Even if you don’t plan to start your own business, or even if you’re a stay-at-home mum, if you want to be asked to dinner or be invited to speak on the school committee, you need to be seen to be the person for the job.

And how will this happen if you shy away from sharing what you can do?

From marketing yourself?

Many people resent promotion regardless of how it may benefit them.

If this is you – then it’s an important characteristic to notice.

Because it could be this resentment of promotion that is stopping you from growing and ultimately, from getting the results you want.

If someone is marketing to you, chances are, it’s because they’ve found value in themselves.

Imagine being offered your favourite chocolate, but because it’s in a pink wrapper (and you hate pink), you refuse to give it a second glance.

You miss out.

Resenting promotion as one of the greatest obstacles to success.

People who have problems with selling and promotion are usually the people who are not doing so well.

If you’ve been scarred by sales or promotion in the past – someone doing the ‘hard’ sell or bothering you at an annoying time, perhaps you got rejected when you tried to sell to someone else – then it’s time to learn from those experiences.

Find the lessons and realise that holding onto those experiences will only hold you back.

‘Tooting your own horn’ so to speak, when done in a loving way, with the genuine intention to help someone or share something that would benefit that person, is a gift.

It’s not beneath you.

It’s not scary.

It’s what’s needed if you’re to benefit another person.

If you had the cure for cancer would you hide it from people with the illness?

No way!

You’d want them to have it.

Promoting is sharing.

Simple as that!

At the end of the day, the people who have a problem with promotion are the people who don’t believe in what they’re selling, or even worse, don’t value themselves.

If you truly value yourself and what you have to share, then you’ll have no issue in sharing your offering with others.

Are you struggling to see your own value?

Do you wish you believed in yourself more?

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