Sleep issues? Maybe you need a bedtime yoga ritual.

You’re certainly not alone if you have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, or waking feel more tired than when you first hit the hay. Why does this happen? There are a few contributing factors, but the main one is this… We live in a world chock-full to the brim of ‘information’. There’s just so much information that our brains … Read More

Are you letting your internal cleanser do its job?

Let me begin this blog piece by asking: How much sleep do you average per night? Sleep is like putting the phone (our body) on the charger. Less than eight hours sleep is like operating on a dying battery. And unfortunately, not many people make good quality sleep the priority it needs to be. This is where I ask you … Read More

Bring on the zeds

The night’s are longer and the days are shorter; all we want to do is sleep. Which isn’t a bad thing! June 21st 2012 marks the shortest day of the year, or as some people like to call it the Winter Solstice. So snuggling under the covers for a good dose of shut-eye couldn’t be more inviting. The great news is, … Read More