Welcome to Getting Naked! So lovely of you to visit. If you’re reading this page, chances are you’re ready to go deeper into your relationship with YOU! ‘Relationship with ME?’ I hear you ask. Yes. Your relationship with YOU. Let me start be explaining what exactly your relationship with you is. We all know what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone else, whether it be a romantic relationship, a relationship with a family member or work colleague. They are all relationships we’re familiar with on some level. Now you know those relationships are healthy when they leave us feeling nourished, when you feel unconditional love and support from that person you’re in a relationship with.

Well a relationship with YOU is no different. Ultimately it’s how you feel about yourself. Really feel about yourself, on a deep level. If you lack confidence, experience bouts of negative mind chatter, anxiety or have been diagnosed with depression, if have serious (or not so serious) health ailments, if finances make you cringe, if you engage in toxic relationships or you feel stuck, then these are all signs of your relationship with YOU needing a little TLC. No matter what part of your life isn’t working out for you right now, it can be easily resolved, simply by spending time on your most important relationship. Your relationship with YOU!

So what do you have to gain from developing your relationship with YOU? More than I can share on this page. Seriously! But in a nutshell, a person with a healthy relationship with self is happy, healthy, inspired, loves unconditionally and is hugely abundant in all areas of their life. They dance their way through life – as opposed to lift heavy weights in order to achieve – experiencing pleasure, ease and massive LOVE and joy. They know their purpose in life and they live it daily. They connect easily with themselves and others and inspire everyone they meet. They understand that living from a place of love, is the most enjoyable way to live life. And so love is a way of life for them.

Let me share my journey with you and how developing my relationships with me saw me give birth to Getting Naked Pty Ltd along with many other beautiful things…

If you’d like to get out of your head and more into your heart, then you’ve come to the right place as I’ll help you strip off the layers creating the struggle and pain so you can live a more heart-centred life full of happiness and pleasure. How do I do this? I have a boutique of offerings all designed to help you get more connected to your true and naked self so you can enjoy a nourishing relationship with YOU!

Self-love – while it sounds so simple – remains elusive for most people. Why? Because from a young age we are taught to disconnect from this part of ourselves; to build walls against our True Self, seeing ourselves as ‘less than’, ‘failures’ or ‘not good enough’. There is no love in these kinds of thoughts. There is only pain and struggle. This is not our natural state of being. We at our core are love. So how do we get naked so we can experience this kind of love in our life?

Let me start by explaining: Thoughts are energy. We never run out of them. Have you ever, for example, run out of thoughts? I didn’t think so. Positive thoughts are high energy, while negative thoughts are low energy – so the more positive your thoughts, the more energy you’ll have and the yummier and healthier your life will be. The more love you’ll feel for yourself and that leads to more self-belief and lovely big doses of self-confidence.

By learning how to tune into your heart (which I’ll teach you in our Remarkable Relationships course), you’re going to the direct source of thought. From here you do a mental strip tease, getting rid of all the gunk you’ve taken on that is causing you pain or negative outcomes. Uncovering the source of your negative thoughts – your limiting beliefs – and clearing them has the phenomenal ability to heal mental and physical ailment, relationships (with self and with other), financial woes and career obstacles; it’ll even heal your love life!

As Buddha once said: ‘We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think.’

Your limiting beliefs, whether consciously chosen, inherited or absorbed, create blockages, stagnation and weaknesses in our mental and physical health. An internal cleanup is vital for us to experience a life of pleasure and happiness where our dreams actually become our reality. Our inner world really does create our outer world. There’s no escaping it. Life is meant to be fun, not a struggle. So my advice is: Stop wasting time on other therapies and self-healing methods that are designed to take.. well.. forever, and get the cleanup done now!

GN_body_hug01-01You don’t need to dig up your past issues and re-live them in order to move past them. In fact, this ‘talking-therapy’ only helps cement them into your psyche even further. People spend a lot of time trying to revisit the past and understand it, as they think it will help them heal. We all have baggage, but the great news is, it doesn’t belong to us. Once you’re able to gather the learnings from your past – which can be done in a quick and fun way – then you can let all that baggage go so you can enjoy a life of pleasure and ease!

A lack of money, a mental or physical illness, or an unhealthy relationship are not the problems. These things are merely symptoms of what is going on underneath. Change what’s going on internally and your external world will heal. Whatever results you’re getting in life – be  they good or bad, rich or poor, positive or negative, healthy or unhealthy – always remember that your outer world (the one you live in) is simply a reflection of your inner world.

So where do I start? My suggestion is to sign up for my newsletter and you’ll receive a 1-hour playshop ‘The Art of Self-Love’ explaining what’s needed to reprogram the subconscious mind and clean up those limiting beliefs so you can experience more love in your life. Once you’ve listened to the playshop you’ll know whether one-on-one sessions or our Remarkable Relationships 3-month course is what’s needed to help you develop your relationship with YOU.

My sessions are much like a recording session. The musician goes in with some rough musical ideas and melodies and guitar riffs, perhaps even a drum line. And they leave the sessions, after a little blood, sweat and tears, with a masterpiece. A finished record. My sessions will stretch and inspire you create your own tune!

I will teach you how to live a more heart-centred life. You see, the mind separates and the heart integrates.  Let me explain… Most people these days live from the head. Problem is, this causes a lot of confusion with us receiving conflicting messages all the time. One part of us (our logical self) wants us to do one thing, while the other part (our emotional self) wants us to do the opposite. Which do you choose?

When you move your centre of consciousness from the head to the heart, there is one message. You get the truth straight from your heart, without it going through the negative filters – our limiting beliefs – the ones we adopted in error when we were children. Suddenly we have a clear line of vision. Why is that? The heart is a 100 times more powerful than the brain electrically and up to 5000 times more powerful magnetically. Our heart was always designed to be our internal GPS, it’s just that society has taught us to operate against our innate nature. When you come back into the heart you feel whole and complete just as you are. You feel love for your most fabulous self!

My mission is to fashion a fun and inspirational world by infusing ladies and gents with internal love needed to reach for the stars.

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