Yoga for the Vagina women’s online series 

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Yoga for the Vagina is the modern woman’s yoga practice for cultivating self-love, maintaining and restoring sexual health while opening up the body to deep heart-felt pleasure. This comprehensive series of succulent sequences is designed to awaken you to your inner beauty and grace, while helping you develop a greater awareness of your physical and energetic self so you may fully engage with your life.11-1-sh-porno

This style of yoga brings the ancient wisdom of the Jade Egg into the 21st century giving the women of today – like YOU – a practice that is holistically nourishing. When practiced regularly Yoga for the Vagina will get your ‘chi ‘, or energy moving, so you feel vibrantly alive, peaceful and at ease, while connecting you with your inner well of unconditional love.

‘I feel more connected to myself and can more easily tune into myself when I am doing my Yoga for the Vagina practice. I have more self-love, feel much more confident about my decisions and find fears are less able to creep in in my daily life when I am practicing regularly.’
Yoga for the Vagina lover.

The Jade Egg combined with powerful yet gentle breathing techniques and postures works directly with the sexual organs and energy centers in the body, making Yoga for the Vagina a potent medicine. When practiced with presence this moving meditation will heal you of mental, emotional and physical sickness, so you may feel your intrinsic nature within.

Develop your relationship with YOU with this beautiful practice in self-love.

Creator Tamra Mercieca shared what Yoga for the Vagina is all about in this juicy talk at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival on the Sunshine Coast in 2015:

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